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Migrating to Cisco Webex? Choose the Right Partner

Organizations are tasked with investing in easier-to-use and robust collaboration platforms that enable and support more “effective team communication.” The speed of business is also dictating that productivity increases, which means that a chosen collaboration solution must help all stakeholders connect how they want, with the information they need and when they need it, while also simultaneously facilitating co-creation and offering intelligent ways to record discussions and decisions. The good news is that with the Cisco Webex experience, these promises are now achievable. Through the introduction of a full set of new Cognitive Collaboration capabilities, Webex represents the “Bridge to Possible” for your collaboration end-state, as it combines relationship intelligence, people insights, artificial intelligence, business process, and workflow integrations to deliver a better meeting experience with a suite of tools that help before, during, and after sessions. The result is an unparalleled and industry-leading cloud communications platform that enables frictionless collaboration on a global scale.
The Cisco Webex platform delivers industry-leading video conferencing, team collaboration, calling, audio conferencing, virtual whiteboarding, file and screen sharing, real-time meeting analytics, and cognitive capabilities through bots and artificial intelligence functions. Cisco Webex Assistant, for example, is a voice-enabled virtual agent that is always there to helps users start and schedule meetings and can be used to instantly retrieve documents on demand, take meeting notes, and makes sure meetings are recorded.
According to a Morar HPI Study, 95% of workers believe AI can improve tasks. A separate Dimensional Research report found 53% of "organizations believe smart meeting rooms will improving business processes.” This sounds great, but it isn’t as easy as just enabling AI and putting the right equipment (Cisco Webex Devices) in your meetings rooms. The real question is how and who do you work with to help your organization both connect and cross this “Bridge to Possible.”
Partnering to Connect, Crossing the “Bridge to Possible”
Although it might be tempting to do it yourself and implement the Webex platform “right out the box,” our recommendation is to consider partnering with a trusted managed service provider that will ensure it's done right – allowing your organization to spend more time on core capabilities – but still giving all your users the "gold standard" collaboration experience.
Let the Tata Communications team help your teams by optimizing Webex Meetings, Calling, Devices, and Teams deployments. Tata will commit the resources to make sure your organization realizes the full benefits of the Cognitive Collaboration promise. It all starts with the right connection to the Cisco Webex Cloud. Tata Communications offers both public and private IZO Internet and SD-WAN options that guarantee the Quality of Experience and delivers seamless collaboration across the world on a fully owned fiber backbone. By trusting an award-winning Cisco Cloud and Managed Service Program (CSMP) partner, like Tata Communications, you can be confident in your service. Trust a partner that makes sure that the technology being deployed is secondary to the people and teams that rely on it every day. Tata is committed to helping you work smarter with Webex and understands that the connection is only important if you can cross the "Bridge to Possible" with onboarding, implementation, and adoption support.
Today’s workflows are complex. Teamwork spans time zones, applications, and workplaces, you need a partner that is capable of ensuring global consistency and that can help complement and offload your enterprise IT by stepping up to ensure a smooth migration, feature integration/deployment, and ongoing management responsibilities which will free up much needed time and resources for more mission-critical tasks.
For enterprises that are wanting to integrate multiple solutions and applications to provide employees with a single platform to learn, share, collaborate, and work in a video first experience mode, it makes sense to consider the power of Cisco Webex. However, beyond the decision on the platform, it is just as important to choose the right trusted Cloud and Managed Services Program (CMSP) provider that can not only connect but also help you cross the “Bridge to Possible” and realize the benefits of the Cognitive Collaboration promise of Cisco Webex.
Tata Communications has the global experience and provides the critical support throughout the entire lifecycle of the collaboration journey, from solution definition, migration to adoption, and implementation of critical workflow integrations that deliver the simplicity but are very complex to configure. Our goal is to enable your teams to work smarter and more effectively by transforming your collaboration experience and accelerating their performance and productivity.
In order to deploy the next-generation collaboration capabilities in your enterprise, work with a partner, like Tata Communications, who is trusted Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialist and Cloud and Managed Services Program partner that can guarantee a Webexceptional experience and provide the support for global users and collaboration requirements around the world.
To see how our Tata Communications Team can help your Team deploy the right Cisco Webex Meetings, Calling, Devices and Teams in your environment, sign up for a free 60-day trial of Cisco Webex, managed by Tata Communications.