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4 SIP Trunking Vendors Enterprises Prefer and Why


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The concept of working-from-home is drawing attention to reliable, versatile SIP trunking. The artful term is aptly named carrier-grade SIP trunking, which I recently wrote about in this related No Jitter post, and it should go a long way when meeting your vendor flexibility requirements. Now is the time to revisit your company's global network, its SIP trunking vendors, and their ability to adjust to your rapidly changing needs, then select which one fits the bill. In this post, I'll look at what makes four unique carrier-grade SIP trunking providers are favored most by large enterprises.
Lessons from the Enterprise
As they should be, enterprises are discriminating SIP trunk buyers. With at least 500 employees, they have standing IT departments, extensive communications expertise, complex networks, global customers, and demanding expectations of vendors. It matters little whether your company is small, mid-market, or enterprise level. There are lessons to draw from large customers, particularly when they will share SIP trunking experiences and opinions.
So, what makes these four vendors the most preferred? In a new Eastern Management Group customer study, all received the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS). More specifically, all large enterprise customers surveyed would recommend all four SIP providers to a friend.
  1. BT - Has offices in 60 countries and SIP trunks are commonly used by other carriers
Recently I interviewed Jan Riechers, general manager of global voice services at BT, and Sally Elliott, head of global analyst and consultant relations. What makes BT SIP trunking different, I asked, and why should enterprises care? Their considered reply was that BT has three points of difference.
First is the customer experience:
  • Every SIP trunking sale is bespoke from design through execution
  • BT salespeople are vertical market specialists, knowledgeable of applications and nuances relevant to the customer, and qualified to custom design the solutions
  • Customers need not depend on some boilerplate quality-of-service (QoS) prenup
Second is resiliency:
  • Every element of the BT global network is over-engineered for SIP trunk solutions
  • The service is "always-on"
Third is centralizing SIP:
  • By doing this, there’s no requirement for logical separation of traffic at the customer level. That is crucial for customers with offices and operations in multiple countries. Few carriers in the world may do this.

In our BT customer study, the carrier is rated high for technology and product, one of a dozen customer satisfaction measurements we evaluate. BT has a presence (offices) across 60 countries, and is amply capable of serving small businesses to large enterprise customers all over the world.


     2. Verizon - Increased customer satisfaction by 37%

It appears that Hans Vestberg, Verizon's CEO of two-years, has his team focused on favorable customer outcomes. There are so many moving parts to choreograph for Verizon's remarkably high Net Promoter Score (NPS), it's hard to pinpoint just one. But this much is noteworthy about the relationship between Verizon and the company's customers. In the last two years, Verizon's large enterprise SIP trunking satisfaction has increased 37% based on Eastern Management Group's customer surveys. Today, Verizon seemingly does everything right.
Verizon enterprise customers get a high-capacity SIP connection that links IP PBXs to Verizon's network backbone. In a pandemic and post-pandemic environment, it's great for placing and receiving a large number of VoIP calls at once. Verizon provides leading SLAs that include mean opinion score (contiguous U.S.), jitter, packet delivery, and network availability.
In our study of large Verizon enterprise customers, the company receives high grades for its technology and product, purchase experience, and recommend-to-a-friend measurements.
     3. Flowroute - Two-time satisfaction winner
Flowroute is part of Intrado, a provider of cloud-based communications. Based on our studies, large enterprises account for 35% of Flowroute's SIP trunking customers. Overwhelmingly they are significant users of premises IP PBX systems. Flowroute provides a fully scalable, carrier-grade network and telecom APIs to enable customers to move their telecommunications services into the cloud, as well as build and deploy complex communications systems. Enterprise SIP trunking customers give high grades to Flowroute for shepherding the purchase experience and recommend-to-a-friend measurements.
Flowroute has previously won two Eastern Management Group SIP trunking customer satisfaction awards, including 2019.
     4. Twilio - Two-time satisfaction winner
172,000 businesses use Twilio for communications with enterprise-grade security. For SIP trunking - known as Elastic SIP Trunking - Twilio has more than 50,000 business customers. Our studies show 37% of Twilio's SIP trunking customers are large enterprises.
Twilio calls its infrastructure facility the "Twilio Super Network" because the company is:
  • Building a new type of carrier partner network
  • Infusing operational excellence into every aspect of the product
  • Providing on-demand high-quality carrier-grade SIP trunking resting on a foundation of partnerships with tier-one providers worldwide.
Twilio software measures voice quality on every route in real-time, allowing Twilio to choose how to route traffic to deliver the highest quality to customers. Instead of dealing with the outages and service disruptions frequent in today's telecom world, companies can depend on Twilio's carrier partner network for higher quality and reliability than a single provider network may deliver.
Eastern Management Group's enterprise SIP trunking studies show a high percent of Twilio customers using hybrid cloud and server virtualization communications systems. Customer satisfaction with Twilio enterprise SIP trunking is remarkably high. No large enterprise we interviewed wouldn’t recommend Twilio SIP trunking to a friend.
Twilio has twice received the annual Eastern Management Group customer satisfaction award for SIP trunking.
It doesn’t matter what SIP trunking evaluation your business may undertake. There’s ample reason to check out many vendors right now. Fortunately, there are plenty of good options on the market.

For more information about the Eastern Management Group reports "2020 Enterprise SIP Trunking Customer Satisfaction Report," Carrier-Grade SIP Trunking and "2020-2027 SIP Global Market 7-Year Forecast and Analysis" and or issues raised in this post, contact John Malone directly at [email protected] or 212-738-9402 Ext. 2201.