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Blueprint for Growth: How to Get the Most from Your Contact Center Interactions

The Ultimate Guide for Turning Customers into Advocates

Looking to find and unlock hidden secrets that drive rapid or sustained growth? As revenue targets trend upwards without corresponding budget increases, many businesses have zeroed in on the need to optimize customer service to help foster growth. That places the contact center operation front and center in helping the enterprise meet desired revenue goals.

What if your business could obtain 30%, or more, of that target with less effort, simply by tapping into your existing customer base? It’s known in the industry that conversions on offers made to existing customers are two to three times higher than those made to prospective customers. Afterall, happy customers have a greater tendency to leave positive reviews than unhappy ones, and their endorsements and recommendations will reduce friction – and cost -- associated with selling to new customers, as well. To accelerate growth with the help of loyal customers, you need a plan for transforming customers into advocates.

Download this white paper now to learn eight ways to make this transformation. 

Communications Blueprint