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Predictive Communications: The Future of Customer Interaction

In Guy Clinch’s latest No Jitter podcast, Altocloud technology evangelist Lawrence Byrd talks about how marketing and embedded, integrated communications are driving the customer journey.

An article published yesterday from Altocloud's CEO Barry O'Sullivan explored how enterprise communications need to take into account the digital transformation. His point was that companies need to have a strategy to embrace a digital-first approach in order to provide an optimal customer journey. But there are a number of components that factor into providing this exceptional experience. In Guy Clinch's latest podcast, Altocloud evangelist Lawrence Byrd picked up where Barry left the conversation, tying a variety of components together to paint a larger picture of how we can expect customer communications to evolve moving forward.

In his discussions with Guy, Lawrence explored the rising significance of the CMO and marketing department in driving the customer experience. He also touched on the organizational challenges that the digital world is bringing to contact center operations, and introduces a new concept of predictive communications.

While the interview is chock-full of interesting insights, a number of points stand out as particularly notable.


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