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No Jitter Research: 2018 Video Collaboration Survey: Page 12 of 16

Departmental Decision Makers

While not exclusively, IT is the go-to decision maker on video collaboration at most enterprise organizations surveyed. Most respondents indicated that IT is involved in evaluating and selecting appropriate technology, with only about one-third of that number saying AV is involved, and even fewer signaling Facilities' involvement. Separately, as shown above, nearly 70% of respondents said IT holds primary responsibility for making decision at their organizations, with another 70% saying the same regarding management of the video infrastructure.

That ties between IT and AV are strengthening is clear from our survey results as well. Forty-four percent of respondents said IT is taking over more of AV's functions, for example, and 16% of respondents said the AV team is acquiring more IT skills. And while 37% of respondents said their IT and AV teams remain separate, they acknowledged a closer working relationship. One respondent even told us: "We're in the process of IT absorbing AV. Both have been involved in this process with AV having the longest history in this area (nearly 20 years vs. IT's 18 months). Ultimately, this process will be handled by IT, though."