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No Jitter Research: 2018 Team Collaboration Survey

Team collaboration apps such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Teams (formerly Spark), and Slack have captured the attention of knowledge workers at companies large and small, across industries, and with no geographic limitations. These apps are changing the work paradigm, allowing seamless conversations -- chat, audio, or video -- among team members in shared, persistent workspaces. That persistency is key, resulting in an easy-to-search record not only of the conversation itself but all the supplemental material that came along with it. Add in integrations to common business applications -- email, CRM, or task managers, for example -- and some workers may never find the need to leave their team collaboration app; they can simply jump from one team space to another all the day long, turning team collaboration apps into the single-pane-of-glass experience promised by UC solutions of old.

To better assess how enterprise organizations are approaching the team collaboration app procurement decision and how teams are using the technology, we recently surveyed the No Jitter and Enterprise Connect communities. In total, 160 IT professionals who are responsible -- individually or as part of a team -- for evaluating and/or making strategic technology decisions for their enterprise organizations participated in the survey. Click through this slideshow to discover what we learned.

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