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No Jitter Research: 2017 Team Collaboration Survey: Page 3 of 11

Chatting It Up

One of the benefits of team collaboration apps is their ability to support a variety of real-time communications modes, and to allow seamless movement from one to another. For example, you might be chatting with one team member but then decide you need to solicit some other opinions, too. In most team applications, all that requires is clicking on an audio or video call button, and selecting which other team members to include in the session.

So which of the basic team collaboration functions get the greatest play? Perhaps not surprisingly, enterprises are first and foremost using team collaboration apps for messaging/chat (87% of all respondents), followed by document sharing (79%), video conferencing (72%), and audio conferencing (69%). Less popular, but still in use at one-third of respondent companies, is whiteboarding (32%). Substitute the overall response rate reflected in this graph with data particular to our three company size segments, and you'd essentially get mirror images. Percentages vary a bit, but the distribution remains consistent.