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No Jitter Research: 2017 Team Collaboration Survey: Page 2 of 11

Proliferation Extraordinaire

Among the 422 members of the No Jitter enterprise audience who responded to our survey, a whopping 77% of them indicated that users within their companies had tapped into one or more team collaboration apps. This percentage remains fairly consistent (76%) when looking at responses from large enterprises (more than 1,000 employees), but ratchets up to 82% for medium-sized companies (from 100 to 999 employees), and down to 57% for small companies (fewer than 100 employees). What's more, among the respondents at companies not yet using team collaboration apps, nearly 30% reported having the technology on their roadmaps.

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't seem to be of interest -- at least at this early stage of enterprise use. Nearly all respondents -- 85% -- estimated that at least two team collaboration apps were in use within their enterprises. And, most of those respondents (60%) selected "three or more" as the likely scenario within their enterprises.