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No Jitter Research: 2017 Cloud Communications Survey: Page 10 of 12

Legacy Perspective

Roughly one-quarter of respondents indicated their plans to migrate all users to hosted communications services based on a platform other than their incumbent vendor or vendors. Another 16% said they'll keep what they have on premises but add in hosted cloud communications services from a different vendor. Comparatively, 58% of respondents said they'd either be migrating all users to a cloud-based hosted communications service from an incumbent or use a hybrid of an incumbent's on-premises and hosted offerings. Incumbents have the edge, but not by too wide of a margin.

The balance tips slightly away from an incumbent's favor for large enterprises, with only 54% of respondents at companies with more than 1,000 employees indicating they'd be moving forward into the cloud with their legacy communications platform providers.

Unsurprisingly given what we know from industry market share figures, 50% of respondents named Cisco and Microsoft as their incumbent vendors of core on-premises UC platforms. Next up is Avaya, at 28%.