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NICE inContact Gets Ventana's Top Rank in Contact Centers

Ventana Research, a leading benchmark research and advisory services firm, recently released the results of an in-depth, year-long assessment of 13 providers of cloud contact center technology. NICE inContact took the No. 1 rating.

In its Value Index report, Ventana evaluates the 13 vendors on a balanced combination of technology and business criteria. The Value Index is an unbiased assessment of how well vendors meet buyer's requirements and can streamline the RFP process for companies seeking a partner to provide cloud contact center technology and services. Seven weighted components comprise the Value Index:

  1. Capability (20%) -- How well the technology addresses requirements related to handling, capturing, and analyzing customer contacts as well as operations and agent management
  2. Usability (25%) -- How well the user interface meets usability standards for all roles, from agents to administrators
  3. Reliability (15%) -- An assessment of how well the system scales and how reliably it performs
  4. Adaptability (15%) -- How well the technology supports integration with other processes, data, and applications
  5. Manageability (10%) -- How much depth the vendor provides in supporting the system
  6. Total Cost of Ownership/Return on Investment (10%) -- How well the vendor supports an informed buying decision by providing information and tools for calculating business costs and benefits
  7. Validation (5%) -- Does the vendor provide appropriate details about the support it provides? Does the vendor provide client references who are willing and able to talk to potential buyers?

Not only did NICE inContact have the highest aggregate score with 93.5%, but we also ranked in the top three on six of the seven individual criteria.

Growth within the cloud contact center provider industry is being driven, in part, by consumer demand for omnichannel support. The Ventana study included a survey of potential purchasers of cloud-based services. Of these organizations, only 48% said they can currently deliver an omnichannel experience. For many companies, utilizing cloud-based technology is part of their strategy to close that gap and deliver the experience that customers are demanding. "The advent of cloud-based contact centers offers easier and more cost-effective ways to add new channels and connect them with existing ones," Ventana states in the report.

However, as the report illustrates, not all providers are created equal. In fact, there can be quite a lot of variation among them.

This variation can make the vendor selection process complicated and confusing. Plus, "making the wrong decisions can raise the total cost of ownership, lower the return on investment and hamper your organization's ability to reach its performance potential," Ventana writes. When the stakes are this high, having an independent comparison of the key vendors in the cloud contact center market can be an invaluable starting point.

Download your copy of the summary of Ventana Research's Value Index report and learn why NICE inContact just might be the right partner for you.