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More on Avaya Direction

As I dug into this, a picture emerged. Lou D'Ambrosio, with the Avaya Board, I assume, had already begun major transformations. New, externally-sourced leadership in the Avaya sales channels is a big change. Also, it's reported that Avaya is consolidating their product lines and marketing into three groups, from four previously. What was (and still is on the web site) IP Telephony, Contact Centers, Unified Communications, and Communications Enabled Business Processes is transforming into Unified Communications, Contact Centers and SMB. Apparently IP Telephony and CEBP will be part of the UC direction.

These changes make great sense to me, for sure. As our team at consistently says, Unified Communications is a solution (or many solutions), not a product. The new organization structure at Avaya will reinforce the solutions theme, seems to me. And, it may even put an end to the Gartner critiques that Avaya's product lines were too disjoint, requiring more seamless integration to be in the leaders quadrant in the Gartner UC Magic Quadrant.

So, I'll just say, "Good luck, Avaya." A vibrant UC industry depends on vibrant companies, and Avaya seems committed to being a leader among those.