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Are Carriers Really Doing All They Can for Support?


Someone frustrated with their telephone bill
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A while ago, I received two documents from a large carrier. Recently, they went through some reorganization, so they refreshed the account management organization chart and their support matrix. I laughed out loud when I saw this new and improved support matrix. Every major carrier has these support guides. This one was a monster: It had seven escalation levels!
I don’t know why they don’t see it from my perspective, but when they share these support documents, they do it with pride. As if it’s something to boast about. This escalation matrix is actually self-incriminating, an admission of poor service — a celebration of mediocrity.
This carrier is essentially saying, "We know that our support service is awful, it's so bad that we can virtually guarantee you that we are NOT going to fix the problem on the first attempt. And instead of fixing the problem, we are going to try to distract and pacify you by allowing you to escalate to tier two. And after a while, we probably will still not fix the problem, so we are going to make you feel empowered by escalating to tier three.” And this game will continue all the way up to tier seven.
What if you took your vehicle to the dealership for regular maintenance? Maybe, you need a new serpentine belt and spark plugs. The service manager states that it's going to take a week to do the work and then he hands you a list of seven different managers you can call after eight days (because you can't call after seven days, you have to wait a day beyond the deadline before you can escalate). After several more days, they tell you that they have good news! They have successfully changed four out of the eight spark plugs. You are expected to be thankful at this point. Would you do business with them?
Many argue that the big carriers are doing their best with what they have, and they are going a great job, especially considering the worldwide pandemic. “How dare you throw stones at a time like this! The carriers support a world-wide, high-speed network on which we are depending for logistics, banking, health, communication, and information sharing, and they are doing a great job considering the circumstances. You should be grateful!”
And to this argument, I would say that the carriers aren’t doing the best that they can on the support side. Keep in mind, I’m only talking about support. They are so poorly run that an entire TEM industry has found a niche. And to the fact that they provide the infrastructure for critical online services — all the more reason that attention to detail & excellence should be de facto within the organization.
Some disagree with me. Many of us are conditioned to believe this is the way it is. “It is what it is.” I hate that statement. When someone says, “it is what it is” to me, I know right there that I’m not going to spend a lot of time with that person — they’re a follower. That person accepts mediocrity, goes with the flow, and doesn’t speak up.
I have a message for that type of person. You are underestimating the capability of the human spirit. If you really believe that the carriers are doing their best, then you are undervaluing yourself and everyone at those companies. Everyone there is capable of more — and so are you. Go make a difference. Carve your own trail. Be a leader. Care for others. Know that you can affect change for the better. Don’t just come in and punch the clock and count down the days till Friday. Come in and take on a challenge and overcome the obstacles.
We can ship a package from anywhere in the U.S. to any address in the U.S overnight. Anybody can secure a domain name and build an eCommerce website in a day. We have self-driving trucks and cars on the road. We have thousands of satellites orbiting the earth and reusable rockets. The U.S. has some of the most freedoms for entrepreneurs, and it’s filled with hard-working and creative people. The challenge may not be easy, but if the carriers wanted to fix the broken process, nothing can stand in their way.