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Monetizing Intellectual Property, The Cloud Way

While the enterprise may have been slow to accept and adopt cloud technology, today enterprises are realizing all kinds of value from the cloud -- including intellectual property monetization.

In his latest No Jitter podcast, the first in a series, Guy Clinch builds off his previous cloud-related posts, Cloudy with a Chance of Synergy and Cloud Makes Strange Bedfellows, noting that by breaking down technical boundaries, cloud is enabling companies to innovate by leveraging intellectual property.


"A fact is that out of the many ideas that might turn into marketable products, only a small relative percentage ever makes it to the marketplace," Guy says. "Along the way, time and effort is spent on abandoned designs. This results in wasted resources and missed opportunities."

During the podcast, Guy discusses the benefit of opening up intellectual property to external innovation -- something the cloud is making easier to do.

"Cloud makes available to the owners of ideas a significantly larger universe of possibilities," Guy says. "Properly configured cloud environments make it possible for many more innovators to leverage exposed intellectual property while significantly decreasing the downsides of external collaboration including costs, theft, and the risk of reverse engineering."

Guy shares insight from Avaya and Cisco representatives on how the cloud is spurring innovation at their companies. Laura Bassett, director of marketing, customer experience and emerging technologies at Avaya, talks about how the Avaya Engagement Development Platform is enabling developers to create re-usable snap-ins to customize applications. Tod Famous, director of product management at Cisco, discusses how Cisco Finesse is changing the dynamic for external developers and customers.

Listen to the whole podcast to hear all of the insights on this topic, and stop back in for future installments of Guy's cloud series.

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