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IP-PBXs and UC: Where Are the Improvements?

The ongoing, crucial issue for all businesses is, "Where are the improvements, the breakthroughs, that will advance share, revenues, and differentiation or reduce latency, capital, cost and expense?"

That's where UC becomes so important, much as call/contact centers did in the past decade in the customer facing parts of the value chain. Companies are making significant breakthroughs with UC, and my goal is to enable more of them and to spread the word of this success, for all sorts of reasons including societal value.

Our alignment here is that if businesses are lead to think they have "done UC" only by installing VoIP (whether on a 2500 set or a Tanjay), they will potentially miss huge opportunities and feel appropriately disillusioned and frustrated by the poor service from their vendors, SIs/VARs, and us, their trusted information resources.