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Intercepting Calls with Avaya Breeze

If you have been following along with my Avaya Breeze videos, you've seen me demonstrate how easy it is to create, deploy, execute, and test a Snap-In created with Engagement Designer. In case you missed them, see my posts on part one and part two. Part three is on prompts and gateways and can be viewed here. These first three installments deal with creating an outbound call and applying media treatments to that call.

Today, I will continue down that path, but I want to shake things up a bit. Instead of launching a new call, I will be showing you how to write a Snap-In that is invoked when a call is received. Frankly, this is a far more interesting use case and one that is applicable to just about every enterprise in the world.

Subsequent videos will continue to work with call intercept, but I plan on taking it well beyond playing an announcement and collecting a few digits. Stay tuned for RESTful Web services, SMS text, email, and context management.

Andrew Prokop writes about all things unified communications on his popular blog, SIP Adventures.

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