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Infographic: Slack vs. Microsoft Teams

By now you've most likely heard yesterday's news that Slack launched its enterprise version, Slack Enterprise Grid. If you haven't yet read up on the new offering, see the No Jitter post "Slack No Longer Brushing Off the Enterprise" for product details and "Slack Goes Enterprise: What IT Execs Need to Know" for an analytical take on what Slack's enterprise entry means for the market.

Those of you who follow the team collaboration space will recall that when Microsoft announced Teams back in early November 2016, Slack threw down the gauntlet, taking out a full-page ad in The New York Times to host a snarky open letter to Microsoft complete with advice on how it can be successful in the team collaboration space. But enterprises looking to make decisions around which team collaboration application to procure aren't going to get their answers or take any direction from vendor cat fights.

Internet marketing firm TechWyse -- which admits to using Slack, Teams, and Hangouts internally -- put together an infographic meant to give an unbiased comparison between Teams and Grid. So take a look at the below and see if it helps clear anything up for your enterprise as you grapple with making team collaboration decisions.


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