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COVID-19: Latest News & Views


Image of the COVID-19 virus
Image: CDC Image Libary
May 14
Hiring an employee based on generation is quite limiting and often detrimental to an organization’s goals. Here’s why.
May 12
CIOs Dish on Doing the Job During & After Quarantine
From a newfound appreciation for IT to missing whiteboarding with their teams, enterprise IT execs recently shared their COVID-19 experiences.
May 8
A look at the latest news from Vonage, LogMeIn, Twilio, Revation Systems, and Sinch.
May 7
Competitive advantage in the digital transformation era is based on being agile and able to make decisions faster than the competition.
Adapting collaboration strategies for challenging times and beyond
May 6
After the COVID-19 threat clears up, many organizations will be tempted to ditch their old-but-reliable PBXs — but not without factoring in all the costs.
May 5
As COVID-related inbound calls skyrocket, credit union applies speech analytics to gain insight into immediate caller issues and longer-term outlook.
Contact centers are responding to increased call volumes and addressing the work from home needs of their workers.
May 4
There are several key considerations to consider when it comes to cloud calling.
SD-WAN solutions are touted for delivering great application experiences for remote sites, but what happens when the office closes due to COVID-19?
Consider a long-term strategy for maintaining a remote agent workforce and modern customer experience technologies.
April 30
In this new reality, at-home agent technology is well-prepared.
April 29
Three tips for tackling the financial aftermath of COVID-19.
With a new slate of announcements, Google continues to give its conferencing app some much-needed attention… as interest in meetings explodes during COVID-19 crisis.
To thrive during COVID-19, enterprises will need contact center technology that allows them to respond rapidly and at scale.
April 28
Talkdesk is applying its AI know-how to connect companies needing contact center agents with job seekers.
Nothing beats the real thing for staying connected, but virtual isn’t such a bad thing any longer.
With COVID-19 taxing call center infrastructures, many enterprises are rethinking their HR policies and implementing measures to maintain CX for today and the future.
April 24
4 Steps to Properly Clean & Disinfect Mobile Phones
Bear in mind these tips to effectively get the job done.
April 23
With Dialogflow at its core, this solution is one that will allow the state agencies to easily expand the types of queries handled, for additional needs.
April 22
Omdia reports vendor activities of cloud contact centers powered by customers doing their best to maintain continuity of business during this disruptive time.
April 21

Moving Forward, Past the COVID-19 Malaise
As we all live out our own version of the movie Groundhog Day, we need to start thinking about how we bring the economy back to life and the role technology plays in it.

April 17
Your business communications solutions will support you staying home a little longer, even if you’re antsy to return to office life.
How fully-managed service options can help your business maximize the use of Microsoft Teams during the COVID-19 crisis.
April 15
Empower a better customer experience, deliver greater efficiencies and more cost savings, and accelerate corporate objectives.
April 14
The silver lining of the COVID-19 quarantine orders might be a crash course in the appreciation of working remotely – though unplanned, business leaders can’t help but notice the value of this new normal.
April 13
With more people working remotely due to COVID-19, is there a future for telephony and the PSTN?
April 10
A look at recent COVID-19 offers and announcements and the latest from Khoros, UJET,, Theta Lake, Ribbon, 8x8, Poly, Cato Networks, and Asavie.
April 9
Learn how to avoid embarrassing situations, keep unwanted visitors out of your meeting, and improve network performance, audio, and video quality.
Until COVID-19, VR was a solution looking for a problem. Today, we are facing a big problem that needs an even bigger solution, one that VR can address.
April 8
New processes, policies, and solutions are critical to support a telecommuting team and keep them aligned.
April 7
In the first three months of 2020, Zoom saw a twenty-fold increase in usage as it just reported it hit 200 million daily users – but now the company must urgently rebuild goodwill and trust.
As IT managers are being bombarded with COVID-19 offerings, providers need to understand that relationships and garnering trust are the key to their reputation and success – not marketing hype.
How companies are responding to the current crisis will shape the way we work in this decade, and perhaps beyond.
A wireless expert shares his thoughts on mobility for workforces today and in the future.
April 6
Before you rush to implement work-from-home, take some time to understand your security needs, and ensure that solutions in use support them.
April 3
The latest news from Mio, Poly, Jabra, Fuze, and a slew of companies offering up rapid-response packages for addressing work-from-home trend.
April 2
In an Enterprise Connect Virtual keynote presentation, Slack announced a Teams calling feature and discussed the new norm of communications and collaboration.
Integrating cloud UC, contact center, and comms APIs can prove invaluable in reducing friction in these trying times, as discussed in a recent Enterprise Connect Virtual session.
April 1
Cisco contact center exec shares how the company has shaped its rapid response program.
March 31
Remote video meetings are on the rise amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s how to make the best of them.
A recap of various efforts, as explored during our recent Enterprise Connect Virtual session with Sheila McGee-Smith.
Company also gives supervisors improved management capabilities for their burgeoning work-from-home workforces.
As COVID-19 drives the urge for enterprise-grade communication and collaboration, UCaaS providers are aggressively pitching free voice service – but you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for cost.
March 30
During a Zoom webinar, CIOs debated how to deliver secure remote solutions during the COVID-19 crisis.
With the partnership, TELUS International is able to meet the increased demand for work from home agents, spurred by the coronavirus pandemic.
March 27
When employees understand how to use the technology that’s available to them, they can transition to working offsite while maintaining momentum.
March 26
SASE solutions like those provided by CATO Networks can provide a safe, secure way for WFH employees to connect remotely.
Practical tips on video collaboration and personal behavioral practices that will help employees get work done, avoid loneliness, and stay productive at home
March 25
Deciding on a cloud solution amidst the COVID-19 crisis might require some extra considerations.
How two organizations have moved forward with telemedicine and distance learning in this time of crisis
As COVID-19 shuts down contact centers, cloud-based technology becomes critical for continued customer service and support.
March 24
Without the contextual framing of communications and information tools, we might be missing the bigger WFH picture.
March 23
A look at how conversational AI can keep businesses operating smoothly during this time of crisis.
March 20
The latest news from videoconferencing startup Jamm, TrueConf, Intermedia, NWN, NTT, Ribbon, and Cato Networks.
March 19
A look at how the coronavirus has permanently changed the way we work and learn.
Company showcases an impressive unified offer that utilizes a single application on a single framework.
March 18
Remote work sounds like a good idea, until it doesn’t work for everyone.
March 17
As offices shut down to fend off the spread of COVID-19, here’s a refresher on what works for telecommuting.