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I Have Something to Say. But Do UC Me?

I have something to say;

But, do UC me? Do I see you?

What is your Outlook? Do you accept my invitation to communication or are you tentative, unsure, over-committed, over-worked, double-booked? Uninterested or simply distracted?

Perhaps you decline to accept or simply decline because you are not aware of my agenda; or you think I have a hidden agenda. Which is what I might think of you.

I have something to say but do I...

Spark your interest?

Will you cut me some Slack?

When I chat am I Hip enough or

Am I glib, Glip, a blip in your day, small enough to stay away?

Am I part of your Teams?

I dream.

I imagine running the gauntlet. Completing the Circuit in style, Unify'ed, in time, with a smile.

On the down low I imagine you will need to download.

Standards are not; reality is what we've got. Add-ins or add-ons, we all seem like communication Padawans: Collaboration Jedis in training. Obi-Wan has taught me well and now I seek to teach you.

Snail mail, email, fail mail. Could you resend because I can't find it; perhaps it drowned in your inbox or was slammed to spam. Or, I mutter, perhaps it was rules-based Clutter.

I'm forthright in my invite but you are often circumspect in your response.

Some say there is a network of big time immediate conversations, like a web of real-time communications: WebRTC

But to me this is a technology philosophy that is more sophistry. Duh! Yoda.

A spider spinning a web. Intelligent like Charlotte but ultimately a Wilbur, a pig. I love the smell of bacon at an early morning breakfast meeting.

Perchance, the plow is mightier than the sword. But without doubt the "how" is weaker than the word, if the word is "what."

What are the results, the outcomes that matter? It is not about technology splatter, acrimonious acronyms they're not understood and don't flatter. What can you measure? What will you measure?

So, if we finally connect, will you be mute to me or I to you? One-way audio, visual, one-way thinking, unblinking, unforgiving.

Or will you be deaf unhearing, unseeing, unknowing, unlistening?

If you can't hear what I am saying do I consult your doctor?

Do we go down that road, even though "About some you will say, "I don't choose to go there," says my doctor, Seuss.

Perhaps with your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet,

Your ears may be full of wax. Or it may be simply...

Sorry, I was on mute, could you repeat the question.

What is the question?

Could you repeat the question...

I was thinking, I was drinking, I was meaning or cleaning or eating now the idea is fleeting.

Sometimes I would like to raise my voice, raise my VoIP, to yip like my dog, or maybe to ip to IP, so voice over IP, voice over the Internet protocol. I would like to raise my voice as a point of privilege, as a protocol.

I have something to say.

Now that I've had my say. Do UC?

I spend my time helping organizations and IT teams succeed implementing communication and collaboration systems, most often Skype for Business, and I am committed to helping you succeed. In my free time, I am the UC&C Poet. Engage. Comment below, send me a tweet @kkieller, or message me on LinkedIn.