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Highest Recommended SIP Trunk Providers, Friend to Friend

Today's $14 billion SIP trunking industry accounts for 58% of all network traffic, according to a new Eastern Management Group study. Underpinning the SIP trunk industry is a staggering number of vendors of all shapes and sizes, from tier-one carriers such as AT&T and BT to small niche resellers. For IT managers, vendor selection looks like the kid-in-a-candy-store problem. The difficulty comes with choosing.

We examined this question of choice by putting it to SIP trunk customers: Would you recommend your provider to a friend? Here's how we went about it, and the findings.

More than 3,000 IT managers were surveyed in Eastern Management Group's SIP trunking customer satisfaction study. Before we reached the question about a recommendation to a friend, we first set the stage by having customers rate their SIP trunk vendor on nine different measurements. The nine fall into three categories: product, vendor experience, and customer delight. So, by the time we broached the matter of recommendation to a friend, survey respondents should have been in the proper frame of mind to discuss this.

Gold Winners -- Recommend-To-A-Friend

Each SIP trunk customer shared how they feel about recommending their provider to a friend. Eastern Management Group then developed a model using the data, and designated those receiving the highest scores as Gold Winners.

Companies attaining Gold Winner status are justifiably good. Let's see which vendors they are and what enthuses their customers. The companies are presented in alphabetical order.

  • BroadSoft -- Everyone should know BroadSoft (now Cisco). If the company weren't an across-the-board exceptional vendor, then its 600-plus carrier customers worldwide would buy from someone else. Along with supplying hosted PBX, BroadSoft carries customers' calls and provides SIP trunking. For SIP trunking customers to enthusiastically recommend BroadSoft to a friend, here's some insight. BroadSoft also received four stars, the highest possible score, for Reliability, a customer satisfaction measurement. In the category of Recommend-To-A-Friend, not even one survey respondent would not recommend BroadSoft to a friend.
  • Flowroute -- Customers can't say enough good things about this company. It receives the highest Overall Satisfaction rating of any SIP trunking provider in our vendor study. Customers give Flowroute four stars in each of our nine customer satisfaction measurement categories. Flowroute was recently acquired by West Corp., itself a strong full-service provider.
  • Twilio -- As discussed extensively in a recent No Jitter piece, Twilio is number one in SIP trunking customer satisfaction. IT managers give Twilio four stars in eight customer satisfaction measurements. So, it's not surprising Twilio users enthusiastically would recommend the provider to a friend.
  • Voyant -- Voyant is noteworthy as a Gold Winner in Recommend-To-A-Friend, due clearly to its strong performance in the Vendor Experience measurements. Voyant receives four stars in half of them.
  • XO -- The Gold Winner designation is a deserved and welcome customer acknowledgment of XO's performance. While XO is a Verizon company, XO further distinguishes itself by receiving four stars in six of the nine customer satisfaction measurements. Then, topping that all off, not one XO SIP trunking customer would not recommend XO to a friend.

It's somewhat remarkable that the Gold Winners do not include several of the tier-one carriers. However, the Gold Winners are benchmark companies worthy of emulation by all.

This is Eastern Management Group's fourth customer satisfaction study of SIP technology providers. More information about the report SIP Trunking Customer Satisfaction is available from Eastern Management Group.

For questions about our customer satisfaction study and report please ask our researchers or contact [email protected] directly.

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