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Google Embraces the Contact Center: Page 4 of 21

Google Cloud AI

In a session at Google Next, "How AI is Transforming Customer Care," Google Product Manager Daryush Laqab put Contact Center AI in context. He described it as part of a larger Google initiative called Cloud AI. Cloud AI efforts fall into three categories:

  • The AI Platform – for ML engineers and data scientists who need to run their ML and analytics workloads in the cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environments
  • Pre-trained models and APIs -- Google has models for speech transcription, text-to-speech, and natural language, easily consumable by other applications via API. A company interested in customizing those models with its own data can use Google's AutoML tool to create customized pre-trained models for a specific company's workloads.
  • Laqab described the AI solutions category as having the existing pre-trained models and APIs plus the ability to create new pre-trained models and APIs and package them in a contained solution to address a specific set of use cases. Contact Center AI is one of the solution use cases that Google built, he said.