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Genesys Focuses On Customer Service

At the Genesys Analyst Conference in San Francisco, we were treated to a very full schedule of sessions, demos, and lots of good food and wine (and you wonder why I attend so many analyst conferences!). One of my takeaways was noticing a shift in the company's focus. Genesys is shifting its focus from the contact center to the larger picture of customer service. A larger portion of its sales are now coming from new products such as Business Process Routing and Intelligent Workload Distribution, as opposed to the company's traditional contact center products. In the European region, for example, over 50% of Genesys' revenues came from innovations and new products. In a session entitled, "Next Stage of the Genesys Vision: the Dynamic Customer Engagement," he discussed the elements that are needed for the Dynamic Customer Engagement, including: Cross Channel Conversations, Global Resource Optimization, Service Delivery Optimization, Operational Performance Insights, and Enterprise Connect, which leverages SIP to remove the contact center walls, and leverages UC as a source of presence and conduit for resources outside of the contact center. Service delivery optimization involves managing the before and after of an interaction, using Genesys' Intelligent Workload Distribution, as well as proactive notification of progress and exception events. Operational Insights is used to manage the performance of the Customer Service Chain and measure interaction outcomes.

This ties in with one of Genesys' "Unifying themes for 2009"--optimizing customer service processes throughout the enterprise (not just the call center). What I like about this is that it goes way beyond simply selling a contact center solution to helping to manage the entire interaction and ensure that even after the customer hangs up or logs off, the necessary tasks that need to be completed as part of the customer service process are being routed, managed, and tracked so that nothing falls through the cracks. Rather than viewing a customer interaction as between the time the call (or email or chat) is received and completed, Genesys looks at the entire life cycle of the interaction.

The Genesys intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD) product extends the Genesys Business Process Routing (BPR) solution and reaches the front office, back office, and service partners. iWD automates the prioritization and distribution of work tasks, similar to the way voice calls are prioritized and distributed, helping to ensure that work tasks get completed in a timely manner in order to provide optimal customer service. It helps companies do this by connecting their enterprise with their customers by prioritizing every customer request regardless of channel, systems and touch points across the enterprise, and by providing the ability to distribute tasks to any resource in the enterprise. Genesys also provides the tools to prioritize tasks from a broad range of enterprise work sources and proactively notifying customers in real-time across all channels and media.

I was pleased with what I heard at the Genesys analyst conference and thought that the focus on customer service, including the distribution of work and tasks throughout the enterprise, and the emphasis on the entire customer interaction from start to finish, was right on the mark. But, we'll have to see if customers agree and start implementing those products and solutions.