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A Few Hints About Microsoft OCS R2

Writer Peter Schmatz says:

By leveraging x64 hardware, we are able to use inexpensive memory to support more concurrent processing of real-time media streams (audio, video, conferences) on smaller number of servers. With the change to x64, we can simplify and consolidate OCS deployments while supporting additional capabilities.

Note, however, that, "Customers who are using 32-bit hardware systems to run OCS 2007 will need to upgrade to x64 systems to install and run the next release of OCS."

The blog cites "customer feedback" as the motivation for the development, and that certainly makes sense. VoiceCon's top OCS expert, Brent Kelly of Wainhouse Research, has observed during his OCS tutorial that "it takes a village (of servers)" to implement OCS. Here's a table Brent used in his latest tutorial, spelling out just what the requirements are:

Microsoft isn't saying when OCS R2 will be shipping; this blog post says the beta just shipped, but it isn't clear exactly to whom.