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Tops in SIP Customer Satisfaction: Yealink, Twilio, Huawei

Each year the Eastern Management Group has thousands of IT managers rate their satisfaction with communications providers' products and services. In this post, I'll discuss some results from our most recent surveys and reports on SIP vendors. The research involved thousands of IT managers weighing in and sharing their experiences and views -- and customer satisfaction scores.


The Eastern Management Group global study examined 62 SIP providers of SIP phones (17), SIP trunking (31), and session border controllers (14). While there are many more SIP providers, our research looked into 62 companies that dominate the market.

I originally planned to limit this post to writing just about the winners; though in retrospect that wouldn't be fair to you, the reader. I will get to that.

What We Measured
The Eastern Management Group performed a life-cycle exam of the SIP customer experience. IT managers rated their providers on 10 measurements starting with the product, then moving to the vendor experience, and finishing with customer delight (see chart below).



The winner in each technology (i.e., phones, trunks, and SBCs) received the highest aggregate customer satisfaction score. Our research shows that winners are perpetually outstanding in more than one of 10 customer satisfaction measurements. Most likely each is tops among competitors in five or more of the measurements.

We find that even second- and third-place finishers are exceptionally well regarded by customers. Here are a few examples. Flowroute, second-place finisher in SIP trunking, received four stars, the maximum, in every one of the customer satisfaction measurements. Sangoma, third-place finisher for SBCs, was the top vendor in multiple categories. Voyant finished in third place out of 31 SIP trunking providers, which places the company well within the top 10% of the SIP trunking cohort. Voyant received one four-star measurement, and more than 90% of its customers would recommend the provider to a friend. So, a first-, second- or third-place finish is remarkable and shows how close the races can be.

62 SIP Providers Examined
IT managers gave customer satisfaction scores on 62 SIP providers. There were three first-, second-, and third-place winners, as the chart below shows.



  • Yealink -- Rated highest with four stars in two customer satisfaction measurements, including best "Technology;" top total overall score for SIP phone customer satisfaction
  • Unify -- Four stars by customers in two customer satisfaction measurements, including the showcase measurement "Overall Satisfaction"
  • Polycom -- A proven outstanding performance workhorse in all of the customer satisfaction measurements



  • Twilio -- Four-star rated by customers in many of the customer satisfaction measurements; top total overall score for SIP trunking customer satisfaction
  • Flowroute -- Customers give Flowroute the highest possible compliment with four stars (the maximum) in all customer satisfaction measurements
  • Voyant -- The study finds more than 90% of Voyant customers would recommend the company to a friend

  • Huawei -- Outside the U.S. is where to find thousands of very happy tier-one carrier and enterprise Huawei customers; top total overall score for SBC customer satisfaction
  • Adtran -- Customers give Adtran four stars for the Purchase Experience measurement and rock-solid scores in additional customer satisfaction measures
  • Sangoma -- Technology and products are peerless. Top provider in many customer satisfaction measures

With all nine SIP providers described above scoring good marks on the customer satisfaction measurements, a lot of the guesswork can be taken out of the vendor selection process.

The Eastern Management Group's three SIP customer satisfaction reports and studies on SIP phones, SIP trunking, and SBCs are available from Eastern Management Group. For questions please ask our researchers or contact [email protected] directly.

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