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Join Us: Innovation in Collaboration at #EC23

Editor's Note: The Innovation Showcase: Collaboration will be held in the Osceola B room at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, March 29, 2023

When organizations sent their employees home during the pandemic, they had to reinvent collaboration. It was an extraordinary global pivot that required not only new tools but adapting existing technology in ways the vendors never imagined. The cloud, mobile devices, broadband Internet, and more changed (and continue to change) everything about the way we work.

This March, at Enterprise Connect, we want to see what’s new and exciting in collaboration. Each year, the Innovation Showcase selects a theme to highlight within enterprise communications. This year, our theme is Collaboration Reinvented, where we are looking at the new tools and features that help us work together from anywhere.

That’s why the 2023 Innovation Showcase will highlight the newest ideas, advancements, and innovative technologies in the collaboration field.

What is the Innovation Showcase?

The Innovation Showcase highlights a handful of new and innovative companies that we feel deserve an introduction to attendees at Enterprise Connect.

When I say “new,” I mean new to Enterprise Connect, as a key condition of inclusion in the showcase is that the vendor has never exhibited at Enterprise Connect before. This is a unique opportunity for smaller companies to stand out and make an impression. For returning vendors, there are other conference awards, such as Best of Show.

For our 2023 Innovation Showcase, we had three judges: Jon Arnold, Venkat Kandhari, and Dominic Kent. They took their roles seriously, blocked out the necessary time, and in many cases went well beyond the submitted applications to evaluate the companies.

For the showcase, we received 12 applications. Each entry was evaluated by our three judges for three different criteria (or 36 scores total per judge):

  • Innovation -- Is it new and original?
  • Enterprise fit -- Will this benefit entire organizations, as opposed to individual consumers?
  • Business value -- Does it deliver benefits?

"I'm thrilled to be a part of this year's showcase. Ensuring enterprises have continuous access to the latest technologies means this great industry is forever evolving,” said Kent. “This year's participants showed the pace of innovation is accelerating in line with customer and employee demand. I'm looking forward to seeing these solutions in action."

The judges selected six companies to be highlighted in the Innovation Showcase; you’ll learn more about each company during a session on Wednesday, March 29 at 8:00 a.m. There, each vendor will present their solution with "Shark Tank"-style pitches.

Companies presenting in the 2023 Innovation Showcase

Below are the Innovation Showcase companies for Enterprise Connect 2023. They are listed alphabetically, as showcase companies are not ranked:

Callroute: Callroute is a SaaS cloud voice integration platform that allows enterprises to create a single cloud voice network comprised of an organization’s service providers and equipment. Callroute allows enterprises to manage, migrate, and operate voice networks and services through a single, intuitive portal.

ConnX: The ConnX Communicator is designed to simplify unified communications, cloud interoperability, and AI data processing models for easier deployment and use. It gives organizations complete visibility and control over their operations, in order to create a more satisfying customer experience.

Humantelligence: Humantelligence helps users connect, communicate, and collaborate more effectively by providing personalized insights into the communication tools they use every day, including Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Gmail, Zoom, and calendars. It’s designed to make meetings, emails, and chats more productive while helping organizations maximize their investments in their communication and collaboration tools.

Mobeus: Mobeus’ Airglass reimagines video communications. It uses transparent layers to mix people and content. Presenters use their hands to point at content on the screen as if they were standing behind it. This experience allows the audience to better focus on what’s being shown and communicated. Airglass offers the usual video app features but also tracks speaker movements to create a more immersive and interactive experience. 

SIPPIO: SIPPIO helps customers make and receive calls in the Microsoft Teams and Zoom apps. Their turnkey solution eliminates the effort and investment usually needed to set up and maintain a voice service so that users can make and receive calls, share files, chat, and join video conferences in their collaboration platform. Users can self-provision and manage their voice service through the SIPPIO app, while admins can set up new users, numbers, profiles, routing priorities, and call groups without needing to use PowerShell code.

tekVizion: tekVizion 360 Spotlight is a user experience and application performance monitoring (APM) platform for UCaaS, designed to help scale testing capacity through a multivendor lab, automation tools, research intelligence, and a team of interoperability experts. It constantly evaluates unified communications services across a commercial network, using real-time performance and user monitoring to identify potential issues before customers experience them.

These six companies will present their solutions in more detail at the Innovation Showcase session Wednesday morning at Enterprise Connect. Check them out and consider if your company can benefit from such innovation.


Dave Michels is a contributing editor and analyst at TalkingPointz.