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Enterprise Communications, A Year in Review

Well, I'd like to offer all good cheer

As I use verse to highlight the communications industry year

It seems the Cloud was the answer to anything asked

While Workstream Communications was the solution to all those tasks

Premises-base UC systems still were sold

Often replacing TDM systems that were 20 years old

Mobility solutions were not yet fully in style

Though Apple finally let others natively dial

Wi-Fi speeds are increasingly moving from AC wave one to two

Wired Ethernet may soon be through...

SIP trunking has won the day

Though the carriers take months to complete ports anyway

Over-the-Top is another approach that saw gain

It mostly works, though lack of QoS results in some calls with pain

Platform as a service is in the mix

We'll be speaking more about this in 2017, understanding the risk

M&A is occurring with increasing frequency

Hoping those merged employees are treated with decency

Which products will survive the combo?

Depends on which one has more ammo

The year had its ups and downs

Including strange sightings of marauding clowns

The election also caused quite a stir

In this season of Frankincense and Myrrh

I wish all of you a happy and prosperous year

As we open our presents of new communications gear


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