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What to Know About Employee Experience (EX)

Employee experience (EX) encapsulates every part of a worker’s journey with an employer from onboarding to the daily work environment, from how they’re managed to how connected they feel to the enterprise’s overall mission. Engaged employees are a crucial part of a company’s success, because they add net gains to productivity, customer interactions and internal operations.

Having a good sense of an employee’s work life and challenges helps companies improve EX – and there is no shortage of applications, platforms and services to assist management in that endeavor. The articles below outline how to wrap your head around EX, how to assess the tools you need to manage EX, and what strategies to utilize.


Invest In Your Employees and They Will Invest In You

To be happy and stay at their jobs, regardless of where they work, contact center agents require higher pay, tenure, and motivation to join the industry.


How Much Does Experience Equality Matter?

To improve employee experience, enterprises need to avoid uneven video meeting experiences between in-office and remote employees.


Nurture Employee Well-Being and Productivity with EXPs

Employee Experience Platforms (EXPs) promote well-being and productivity with employees, which in turn aids in customer experience.


Looking at Employee Experience Through a CX Lens

Businesses typically take a touch-point approach to understand customer journeys, however viewing these journeys in more holistic way can improve customer experience (CX).


Elevate Your Employee Experience with UCaaS

With remote and hybrid work being more prevalent, the right UCaaS solution can help create an ideal collaboration experience.


Workforce Management Is the Great CX and EX Equalizer

Without an employee experience plan in place, customer experience plans will fail. Workforce management is the best way to work on both employee experience and customer experience.


Brace for the Post-AI Employee Experience

Now that employees have weathered the remote-work transformation and are beginning to change their jobs as they incorporate Gen AI into different workflows, they’ll have to face another tech-driven challenge – seeing how changed productivity changes their jobs.


Enterprise IT Employees’ Priorities Are Shifting

Aligning business and technology goals has become a priority for IT employees.


Monitoring Employee Productivity, Balance Surveillance with Transparency

The adoption of tools to monitor employee productivity is becoming more prevalent. While many employees are willing to be monitored, companies need to set expectations, foster transparency, and address concerns.


Tapping Into the Value of Employee Engagement

How to reinvent employee engagement through opinion surveys.