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EC18 News Roundup: Covering the Gamut of Communications: Page 3 of 4

Speech Tech & Analytics News

The Speech Technologies track was new at EC this year, drawing some first-time exhibitor faces to the event. On the conference program, our annual Innovation Showcase put the spotlight on six innovative speech technologies: Deepgram Brain, Gridspace Sift, NewVoiceMedia Conversation Analyzer, Nuance VocalPassword, Omilia Conversational Virtual Assistant, and Speechmatics. On the mainstage, AWS focused its keynote presentation on efforts made with its speech-enabled assistant Alexa, coming to the enterprise with the Alexa for Business managed service offering.

Nuance Unveils Voice Engagement Platform

Nuance Communications, one of those new faces to the EC18 show floor and Innovation Showcase participant, announced a new set of core capabilities for its Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Platform, using advancements in the automation, speech recognition, and text-to-speech technology that comprises its Voice Engagement Platform. Highlights include:

  • Contextual, intelligent natural dialog -- speech recognition and real-time speech-to-text transcription capable of supporting more complex dialog by recognizing multiple concepts and responding to changing intents
  • Zoe -- a natural sounding, customizable voice that leverages deep neural networks
  • DIY tooling and natural language understanding starter packs -- using common terminology to help organizations improve automated customer dialog applications and accelerate development cycles
  • Nuance Insights -- reporting and analytics providing intelligence from IVR and third-party data

VoiceBase Expands

Speech analytics company VoiceBase has enhanced its Speech Analytics API with the launch of an SQL-like language, called VoiceBase Query language (VBQL), designed for analyzing calls. Using VBQL and a Web-based analyst workbench, analysts can build call categories and query spoken words, temporal patterns, over-talk, silence, fuzzy matching, and more. A new Categorization Engine applies categories to calls in near real time, and delivers results via the VoiceBase API and the new BI Connector, which can then be combined with existing data and user-supplied metadata and visualized using standard business intelligence tools like Tableau or Qlik, VoiceBase said.

Voxbone Announces AI-Based Speech Analytics Service

Communications-as-a-service provider Voxbone announced it's making its Speech Analytics service available to enterprise customers using the company's voice services. Customers simply have to activate the integrated AI-based speech analytics tool through or through API, and they can then get actionable insights from spoken conversations between customers, agents, and teams, the company said. The service works to bridge analytics platforms like VoiceBase and CallMiner with audio content in real time or asynchronously, allowing enterprises insight into sentiment analysis, talk-time metrics, keyword scanning, and more.

CallMiner Enhances Analytics Platform

CallMiner has enhanced its cloud-based customer engagement analytics platform, CallMiner Eureka, with better data integration and interoperability through the Eureka Cloud Connector and a new Ingestion API. In addition, it introduced new administration features and reporting for system monitoring, unified processing for real-time and after-contact speech analytics, and a tenfold increase in the platform's scalability.

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