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Don't Let 'Cloud Crystals' Ruin Your User Experience

Many small and medium-sized businesses have already or are headed to the public cloud, yet they often don't undertake the necessary review of their providers. Sometimes, what ends up being in the cloud isn't always what a company might think, and the risk is in ending up with what amounts to a proprietary or silo solution rather than an open cloud service.

When evaluating cloud services, companies should consider a variety of factors, such as:

When users have to wait 100 seconds or longer to connect to a cloud-hosted service, they can become irritable. Their moods worsen when the session experiences latency moving in and out of the application.

Cloud services need the same amount of due diligence as premises-based solutions. Companies need to go through a thorough discovery process, especially when the solution involves customization or integration.

Many SMBs are always looking for cost-effective solutions, but lack the understanding or the resources to ensure cloud crystals don't erupt over them and damage their bottom lines and negatively impact customer relationships. The best infrastructure won't solve connecting to inadequate cloud resources, and the same is true of having the best cloud resources with inferior local infrastructure.

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