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Digital Dexterity: Finding and Keeping the Best Employees

An organization’s success depends on the people within it, the value of their knowledge and how effectively they share it among colleagues. Technology solutions are needed to facilitate knowledge exchange from person to person and team to team. The presence or lack of such solutions will shape the workplace culture. A culture at odds with what employees value -- having their voices heard and being able to work efficiently -- will drive away and fail to attract the best and brightest.

A workplace based on employee engagement and digital dexterity -- the ability to use technology that supports business outcomes -- provides the technology tools that make it possible to collaborate, concentrate, innovate, socialize, and revitalize. This is the experience employees expect and will create in a company receptive to their values of breaking down organizational silos to promote collaboration.

Company leaders who are slow to embrace digital dexterity have reason to be concerned about their prospects for success. An overwhelming number of employees say that their managers talk at them but don’t listen. This dissatisfaction can lead to good employees being ineffectual or leaving for another, better organization.

To promote engagement and a culture of dialogue, forward-thinking executives hold video-enabled town halls during which they can interact with their employees. These interactions typically include sharing updates and taking questions on a wide range of topics -- including company goals, healthcare benefits, and new initiatives. Besides town halls, one-to-many video communication systems enable:

  • Live interviews
  • Announcements
  • Newscasts
  • Training
  • Presentations

These modes of communication reinforce the commitment to transparency and information sharing. Add reliable collaboration systems designed for the user experience, and companies will have set the stage for digital dexterity. But companies are rarely achieving or even planning for these goals. Research firm Gartner has found that fewer than 20% of employers are prepared to adopt digital workplace technologies like virtual collaboration and mobile tools. For these lagging organizations, embracing the culture of dexterity is paramount.

Companies can create the digital workplace by being familiar with the technology and experiences that their employees expect and by partnering with collaboration experts to plan for the integration and support of rooms and devices that foster digital dexterity. After integration, they make it possible for employees to:

  • Control how they work
  • Improve their experience with meeting rooms and devices
  • Focus on collaboration and innovation
  • Communicate through live video streaming

Having these benefits and features as part of your workplace culture will attract and keep the people that can do the most good for your organization. Cloud-based solutions designed for the user experience simplify and automate the process of starting room devices for meetings. Support services manage the ability to launch, monitor, and manage global video conferences, while ensuring reliability. This combination enables your staff to efficiently do their work and come up with the ideas for which they were hired. Learn how to attract and retain talented employees with a digital workplace strategy.