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Agile Customer Experience: Get the Competitive Edge You Need


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In a world that is constantly changing and at a time when uncertainty is the new reality, organizations must be able to adapt successfully, innovate, and move forward quickly. This is especially critical when it comes to customer service, as the expectations of both customers and contact center employees become more complex, and market competition becomes more intense.
In these circumstances, business agility becomes the most critical factor for success, enabling the organization to renew itself, change course when needed, and learn from previous experiences. Agility serves as a springboard for innovation as well as a foundation that allows an organization to adapt to external forces while progressing forward.
An agile customer experience approach accomplishes all of this, encompassing the best practices, critical solutions, and powerful capabilities that will prepare organizations for business continuity in whatever comes next. Having an agile customer experience organization means addressing agility along three key pillars:
  1. Agile Service — Agile service is about establishing a foundation of core strength, so an organization can respond to extreme changes in the service environment without any disruption to customer service. It ensures a solid foundation in your contact center and will drive innovation and success in a world of constantly changing realities, such as the transition to a work-from-home environment. Based on a true cloud-native platform and a digital-first approach, it provides the right suite of purpose-built applications necessary to infuse speed, elasticity, and digital channels in your organization.
  2. Agile Insights — Agile insights is about strengthening an organization’s ability to change focus quickly through predicting how realities may change. It provides organizations continuous understanding of customer and employee expectations. Leveraging the power of AI-driven analytics, organizations can gain insights into customer interactions and contact center processes, then take data-driven actions to adjust their CX approach with confidence.
  3. Agile Workforce — Agile workforce is about engaging employees and optimizing the workforce to empower your business with extreme flexibility. It allows organizations to understand and take action on employee needs and ideas, as well as have them focus on high-value work through automating mundane tasks. An agile workforce makes employees more motivated by adapting their environment to their needs and providing them with the automation tools that they need to be effective and efficient in their work. This approach is applicable to employees working from any location, and has a positive impact on work/life balance as well as customer satisfaction.
We at NICE believe these three pillars are critical to empower agile customer experience and enable organizations to provide exceptional experiences to their customers and employees on a continuous basis, regardless of what the future may bring. The approach is appropriate with employees working from home, the office, or both, and ensures organizational success.
Join us for Agile Customer Experience Week, an exciting three-part webinar series starting Tuesday, June 23, and learn how to gain extreme business agility and become an agile customer experience expert.