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CounterPath Nails Mobile Team Messaging

Over-the-top UC provider CounterPath earlier this week introduced Bria X, a team messaging, presence, and screen sharing service available for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Bria X, now generally available, will overlay any call server -- hosted or premises based. CounterPath has designed Bria X to remove provisioning barriers, taking the pain out of adding soft clients to an existing VoIP service and enabling the ability to mobilize a team with calling and collaboration services within minutes. Bria X addresses the millions of CounterPath users who want to augment their use of the Bria softphone client suite with additional collaboration capabilities, said Todd Carothers, EVP of sales and marketing at the company.

CounterPath achieves ease of onboarding via a cloud-based portal that allows an admin to set up SIP server settings, etc., for one to many users. By providing onboarding and integration tools as part of Bria X, CounterPath knocks down the technology barrier that often pops up during the provisioning process and creates issues and shortfalls, and otherwise "breaks things," giving rise to unnecessary work and worker disruption.

Remote or satellite offices are changing, and the devices residing at these offices tend to be tablets, notebooks, and laptops connecting during the day to bigger screens and after hours disconnected for work at home or on the road. The endpoints are mobile and without the best glue, these endpoints remain vulnerable to the whims of hardware bloat and misapplied technology often found in small and medium-sized businesses. Bria X is an incredibly good fit in these cases.

Bria X, which supports up to four clients using one license, costs $3 per user, per month on an annual basis.

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