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How Successful Companies Migrate to CCaaS

November 08, 2023

Whether your CCaaS migration is taking you from a pure-premises deployment, hybrid, or from one cloud provider to another, you need to know the right steps and best practices to achieve your objectives. This webinar will give you insights from multiple perspectives including a research firm whose data shows what the most successful companies do right; a solution provider who has led many successful migrations; and a leader in technology performance analytics. You’ll come away from this packed 60-minute session with a wealth of detailed information that you can apply to your CCaaS migration and ongoing management.


You will learn:

* How to understand your existing deployment and processes, and map these onto your migration plan

* The skilled staff you need to bring with you

* What characterizes organizations with the highest success ratings in their CCaaS migrations

* Advantages of technology performance analytics throughout migration and in the new environment

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