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Empowering Customers to Self-Serve on Their Terms: How to Build a Holistic CX Strategy for Long-term Success

June 14, 2024

There is a fine line between self-service solutions that empower customers and self-serving tactics that prioritize efficiency over genuine customer needs. In this new era of customer centricity, delivering exceptional customer experiences is paramount for sustained business success.

Join special guest Blair Pleasant (President & Principal Analyst, COMMfusion) and Elizabeth Tobey (Head of Marketing, Digital and AI, NICE) as they guide you through the nuances of crafting a customer experience (CX) strategy that is both digital-first and customer-centric.

This webinar will delve into the strategic frameworks essential for creating self-service experiences that truly enhance the customer journey, ensuring convenience and satisfaction. We will explore how to balance CX solutions with empathetic service design, fostering loyalty and trust.

Learn about:  

Differentiating between genuine self-service and approaches that result in negative experiences

Designing intuitive and helpful digital self-service

Leveraging data and AI to personalize customer interactions

Integrating cross-channel experiences for seamless support

Measuring success and adapting strategies for continuous improvement

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your customer service approach and build lasting customer relationships.

Blair Pleasant, President & Principal Analyst, COMMfusion LLC
Blair Pleasant is President & Principal Analyst of COMMfusion LLC and a co-founder of UCStrategies. She provides consulting and market analysis on business communication markets, applications, and technologies including Unified Communications and Collaboration, contact center, and social media, aimed at helping end-user and vendor clients both strategically and tactically. Prior to COMMfusion, Blair was Director of Communications Analysis for The PELORUS Group, a market research and consulting firm, and President of Lower Falls Consulting.

With over 20 years experience, Blair provides insights for companies of all sizes. She has authored many highly acclaimed multi-client market studies and white papers, as well as custom research reports, and provides market research analysis and consulting services to both end user and vendor clients.

Blair received a BA in Communications from Albany State University, and an MBA in marketing and an MS in Broadcast Administration from Boston University.

Elizabeth Tobey, Head of Marketing, Digital & AI, NICE
Elizabeth is the Head of Marketing for NICE's Digital Solutions group. Previously, she held leadership roles spanning marketing, communications, community, and CX departments at video game, social media, and cloud platform technology companies in both the B2C and B2B spaces. Over the course of her career, she has focused on identifying new and effective ways to create meaningful dialogue between a brand and its customers, and on developing products and programs that are built on relationships, outcomes, and impact.

Eric Krapf, Senior Director, Enterprise Communications, Informa