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AI in Customer Experience: Don’t Get Left Behind

November 29, 2023

AI in Customer Experience: Don’t Get Left Behind

More than half of enterprises say that AI is already helping them better understand customer needs, increase customer retention and satisfaction and increase revenue and operational efficiencies. And we’re still near the beginning of the adoption curve. Generative AI promises more potential use cases that deliver these benefits.

So, to keep a competitive edge in the critical area of customer experience (CX), enterprises must keep up with AI-enabled technologies—while still maintaining governance and compliance best practices that avoid the risks. In this webinar, experts from the AI technology and CX segments will provide insights to help your enterprise use AI to drive improvements in real-world metrics.

You will discover:

-Where AI is delivering CX improvements—in customer-facing, agent-assist, and operational scenarios

-How large language models (LLMs) can be tailored to optimize CX capabilities and increase automation

-What should be on your roadmap for the next 12 months

Join us for this webinar, where your audience questions will be addressed with live Q&A


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