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Zoom Boosts Call Retention Features, NICE Boosts Zoom Compliance Abilities

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The news doesn’t stop coming, so we’re continuing to roll along with our new No Jitter Roll format and frequency a few times per week. This edition has the latest on Zoom's phone capabilities plus its expanded SDK, NICE's new financial compliance toolset for Zoom, and UJET's new cloud-to-cloud solution.
Zoom's Latest Updated Boost Phone Capabilities, Add Language Relays
The videoconferencing platform summarized the updates it made across product lines in February. First and foremost, Zoom Phone's administration portal now includes 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) text message registration functionality directly in the phone management workflow, eliminating the need for customers to submit forms to mobile carrier registries manually. (Zoom Phone customers must create a support ticket to have 10DLC registration turned on.) In addition, Zoom Phone account owners and administrators now have increased call recording retention. Previously, recordings associated with a user or call queue were automatically removed when a user or call queue was deleted. Now, the account admins can view call recordings of deleted users, call queues, and common area phones.
Zoom also rolled out a language interpretation relay feature for Zoom meetings. This feature will allow interpreters to listen to the main audio with other translators’ audio so interpreters can converse with one another. Thus translators who may not know the original language can translate the audio from another interpreter into another language. For example, an interpreter who speaks English and French can translate a meeting into French, so an interpreter who speaks French and Vietnamese can then translate the first interpreter's French audio into Vietnamese.
The company also granted developers increased access to the Smart Gallery feature in the Zoom Meeting SDK—giving developers the ability to add other users on the same account as a “collaborator” to their application. Collaborators can edit information on the app build flow, view app analytics and view other collaborators on the app.
NICE Brings Compliance Recording Capture to Zoom
The company, which provides financial communication recording and compliance assurance solutions, announced that its NICE NTR-X solution is now available for compliance recording capture for communications done via Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone. It can retain data over audio, video, screen-sharing, or chat.
Admins can deploy NICE’s NTR-X globally in any region, but NTR-X maintains compliance with local capture and storage requirements. NTR-X automates recording checks and provisioning of users (moves, adds, and changes); transcription; bulk call extraction; system management and administration; compliance assurance reporting; tracking and managing legal holds; and the requirement to provide evidence of compliance to regulators.
The solution is available either on-prem or as a cloud-based service. NICE's executive vice president Chris Wooten explained the company's Zoom offering as reflective of the growing multiplatform collaborative environment: "In the current environment, as firms accelerate their digital transformation, we’re seeing the adoption of multiple forms of unified communications grow rapidly, particularly in heavily regulated environments like financial services."
UJET Debuts Cloud-to-Cloud Failover Solution for Contact Centers
The cloud-based contact center provider announced a new multi-cloud architecture offering automatic failover between public cloud infrastructures. CX Intercloud lets customers pre-deploy their UJET instance across multiple cloud platforms, and supports cross-cloud operation on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS), with each cloud instance independently scaled to support 100% of customer interaction volume when and if needed. This reduces the risk of downtime since CX Intercloud customers can switch their loads from one cloud provider to another in the event of failure.
“Most CCaaS providers have effectively outsourced matters of reliability and availability to the underlying infrastructure cloud providers and/or their customer,” stated Dave Michels, Principal Analyst and Founder, TalkingPointz. “UJET CX Intercloud integrates reliability and availability into the application, reducing the operational risk of outages in general and more importantly shifts more of the operational responsibility back to the application provider where it belongs.”