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Vyopta Updates Monitoring Service; Replicant Expands Support for Automation Service

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Welcome to the May 18, 2022, edition of the No Jitter Roll, our regular round-up of news in the communication and collaboration space. Today, Vyopta boosts the features on its Intelligent Monitoring Engine; Replicant adds more channel support for its Contact Center Automation platform.
Vyopta Continues Expanding Intelligent Monitoring Engine Capabilities
As part of its annual conference, the digital analytics company announced several updates to its Intelligent Monitoring Engine. These include:
  • Integration with IT service management (ITSM) platforms and collaborative platforms, including ServiceNow, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Webex for more seamless support ticket and issue management.
  • An improved ability to export data and insights to business intelligence decision support tools, including Power BI and Tableau.
  • New enhancements to its monitoring and alerting systems, such as a new historical view of monitor statuses; and new monitor types including systemic, simple, and advanced.


Vyopta also announced an Administration as a Service product to support change management, custom reporting, and decision support, as well as workflow automation.
Replicant Launches Thinking Machine to Automate Cross-Channel Conversations
The vendor announced that it’ll now support chat and SMS messages for its Contact Center Automation platform, previously only available with voice communications. With its "Thinking Machine" technology, Replicant can process full sentences in real-time, allowing enterprises to apply AI to various call flows, as shared in this previous No Jitter Roll.
With the Contact Center Automation platform, enterprises can integrate different customer relationship systems (CRMs), allowing customers to move between the initial method of outreach (SMS, chat, or phone) to other channels as necessary. For call center professionals, they can handoff customer requests to agent, without losing the context, and access a dashboard that provides cross-channel transcripts.
"Simple solutions like interactive voice response (IVR) and standalone chatbots don't resolve customer issues," said Gadi Shamia, CEO and co-founder of Replicant. "Contact center leaders today need a single solution that can automate their most common customer service issues across channels for consistent customer experiences."