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Uniphore Advances Flagship Product, GoTo Expands CCaaS Offering

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Welcome to the latest edition of the No Jitter Roll. Today, Uniphore adds in-call automation to its flagship conversational AI and automation platform, DTEN reveals a new device controller for Zoom Rooms, and GoTo expands its contact center as a service (CCaaS) offering to meet small to medium-sized business needs.
Uniphore Adds In-Call Automation to U-Assist
Conversational service automation platform provider Uniphore added two new solutions to its conversational AI platform: U-Assist In-Call Bolt and U-Assist In-Call Max. Both solutions use sentiment and tonal analysis on contact center conversations. There are differences too:
U-Assist In-Call Bolt uses a rules-based real-time agent guidance solution to reduce the implementation process, leading to a quicker deployment; it also relies on robotic process automation (RPA) to move customer transactions along. U-Assist In-Call Max has features that focus on time management, including AI meant to reduce agent discovery time during calls, a reduction of dead air and hold time, and accelerate customer handle time.
Uniphore also unveiled a workflow designer that integrates RPA during a call to assist the agent or post-call for related follow-up actions needed. Conversational AI has been gaining popularity, and this latest addition to U-Assist comes on the heels of Uniphore announcing a massive series E funding round, the company's largest to date. U-Assist In-call Bolt and Max is available in North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.
DTEN Reveals Portable Zoom Rooms Controller, Scheduler
Video collaboration device maker DTEN, which specializes in Zoom solutions, announced the availability of DTEN Mate, a wireless hand-held compatible appliance supporting Zoom Rooms Controller.
DTEN Mate users can use the wireless device's 10.1-inch LED display with a high-capacitive touchscreen to start a meeting, share a screen, control the camera, and annotate and whiteboard during a meeting. Automatic flip technology adapts to left-or right-handed users on the fly.
DTEN Mate also doubles as a room scheduler. For example, participants can use the device to reserve meeting spaces, check room availability, and streamline bookings. The dock functions as a wall mount when used as a room scheduler.
DTEN Mate is priced at $598 and includes the DTEN Mate charging dock.
GoTo Unveils SMB-Friendly Contact Center Service
GoTo, the recently launched software company, formerly known as LogMeIn, announced several features within its Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) product that are intended to meet the needs of small businesses which are supporting geographically dispersed customer and employee bases.
Among the SMB-friendly updates in GoTo’s Contact Center solution are: the options to complete customer transactions over voice, video meetings, SMS, web chat and social; timesaving features like an outbound dialer, prerecorded voicemails and queue callbacks; analytics to monitor customer representative performance; and remote IT support via a new product called GoTo Resolve.
Paddy Srinivasan, Chief Product and Technology Officer at GoTo, said, “Gone are the days of SMBs feeling like costly and overly complicated contact centers are out of their reach. We believe that small businesses especially can benefit from the ability to engage with their customers across a variety of channels. With GoTo’s new Contact Center we are enabling just that with a simple, easy to deploy, and affordable contact center solution.”
Monthly pricing for GoToConnect starts at $29 per user. GoTo Connect is available in the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, the U.K., and Italy.