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Subspace Solves Call Center Problems

Subspace began in 2018 with one simple goal: to provide an Internet optimized for voice, video, and other real-time applications used by call centers.
Today, 44% of workers across all industries work remotely, compared to only 17% before COVID-19. At the same time, consumers demand exceptional customer service, most tying brand loyalty to that experience. It is now essential to operate on a global network that accelerates real-time applications.
Our Mission
Given today’s demands, Subspace is dedicated to making remote work for the way the world works now. Our mission is to offer stable collaboration, remote desktop, and phone in a billion home offices.
Another facet of our mission is to provide high-integrity command and control. We know that you can’t improve what you can’t measure, so we want to put control into the hands of application developers. By owning the network, Subspace has more control over application performance and network quality metrics than other more traditional solutions.
Our Solution
Through a combination of 80% software and 20% infrastructure, Subspace uses software and dedicated hardware in hundreds of cities to actively weather-map the movement of Internet traffic. With anycast synchronization, Subspace moves calls to a better path to avoid congestion. We have four products that give you quick access to Subspace, letting you immediately lower latency, reduce jitter, and offer optimal satisfaction:
  • Packet Accelerator — The Subspace Global IP Proxy delivers latency improvements of up to 80% and reduces jitter and packet loss by 99%. Packet Accelerator lets you get up and running in minutes with a simple API. Our optical transceivers remove regional complexities, offering a global edge-to-edge solution.
  • RTPSpeed — Subspace RTPSpeed gives you global access with one API call. With a global RTP proxy for voice and video streaming, you can quickly connect your application to Subspace no matter which open-source stack you’re using. Using anycast technology, you are never more than 5 ms away from Subspace, no matter where you are in the world. RTPSpeed moves SIP media without the use of SIP proxies.
  • GlobalTURN — At Subspace, we integrated TURN natively into all network points of presence, creating one giant TURN server with the same IP address. You get the highest possible quality without running multiple TURN servers. And you don’t sacrifice security for speed. With end-to-end, always-on distributed denial-of-service protection, your application is safe and secure without added overhead and latency of firewalls.
  • SIPTeleport — With Subspace SIPTeleport, you can improve call quality and accelerate connections in a few clicks. We have made onboarding SIP media fast and easy — a drop-in solution that eliminates packet loss and reduces costs.
Subspace Is the Solution for Call Centers
Subspace provides a global network for your call center that is far superior to the public Internet. There is no installation on clients or servers, so there is no additional burden on IT to deploy and use Subspace.
With Subspace, tomorrow’s Internet is here — and it’s delivering the experience your customers deserve. Click here to learn more about Subspace.
William King, CTO, co-authored this article.