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Quality Management: Optimizing the Customer Experience

A customer’s main point of contact with an organization is often through a contact center interaction. This means that your agents are the frontline of the company -- acting as the face and voice of the organization, interacting with more customers in a day than any other area of the business. When they fall short of customer expectations, there are real consequences because in today’s always-on world, news of bad customer experiences travels fast.

A positive impression can lead to a long and profitable relationship; a bad one can end it before it has a chance to start. In fact, research shows consumers spend more energy analyzing and picking apart bad contact center experiences versus good ones. Dissatisfied customers are more likely to:

  • Quit doing business with a company
  • Tell more people about a negative experience
  • Write a negative review on social media

Although research supports the impact of negative customer experiences, a typical business only hears from about 4% of its unhappy customers. So how can a company know if its contact center is delivering an outstanding customer experience with such little feedback?

Unifying Quality Management & Your Cloud Contact Center

Every interaction is an opportunity -- a moment of truth -- for your brand to deliver an outstanding customer experience, which is why monitoring and improving agent performance has become critical. However, supervisors are challenged with how to best oversee and address the myriad of interactions handled by their agents daily. Given the scope and size of many of today’s contact centers, it is important not only to document these customer interactions, but also accurately evaluate agent activity to optimize performance.

It doesn’t matter the type of feedback a business receives -- negative, positive, none -- tightly integrating a quality management solution with your cloud contact center can help develop competent and compassionate customer service agents. Quality management is a key factor in boosting the customer experience, because it pinpoints where your team is doing well in delivering outstanding service and areas for improvement. Quality management solutions offer a way to manage agent and customer interactions and deliver on quality expectations.

Unifying quality management with your cloud contact center allows data from agent and customer interactions to be synchronized and shared for evaluation and coaching, whereas stand-alone quality management solutions add layers of complexity, administration, and cost. When synced together, the solutions can provide a complete view and evaluation of agent/customer interactions:

  • Train and prepare agents to most effectively process customer interactions
  • Identify skill gaps and address deficiencies immediately for targeted training and coaching
  • Enable ongoing learning and skills management with integrated eLearning content directly assigned to agents
  • Monitor for adherence to scripting rules, company policies, and quality standards
  • Ensure compliance and security standards through access rules and the ability to instantaneously stop recording

Do you have a quality management program? If so, when was the last time you reviewed its success (or lack thereof)? Whether you are starting a new QM effort, or giving the old one a makeover, you can learn more about the importance of quality management and your contact center by downloading the whitepaper today.