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No Jitter Roll: SIPPIO Announces CX Enhancements to Teams, InMoment Releases AI Capabilities for Contact Centers, and Humach releases mAI Pilot

Welcome to this week’s No Jitter Roll, our regular roundup of product news in the communication and collaboration spaces. This week, we highlight SIPPIO’s new CX enhancements to Microsoft Teams, InMoment’s AI capabilities for contact centers, and Humach’s release of mAI Pilot.


SIPPIO announces CX enhancements to Microsoft Teams

The voice enablement platform announced that SIPPIO CX for Microsoft Teams will be released for general availability. SIPPIO CX is a suite of services allows organizations to monitor, analyze, and gain actionable insights into customer engagement in Microsoft Teams. The suite uses SIPPIO Reporting, SIPPIO Recording, and SIPPIO Recording + AI to enhance customer experience and ensure compliance within Microsoft Teams.

SIPPIO CX is available through partnership with Tollring via the Analytics 365 platform.

SIPPIO analytics

InMoment releases AI-based capabilities for contact centers

InMoment, an enterprise that deals in Experience Improvement (XI) solutions, has announced that it will be using AI in it’s Conversational Intelligent solution. This solution uses information from contact center conversations, online chats, and emails to optimize operations, and enhance customer engagement and experience.

"Conversational Intelligence, and its use of generative AI, empowers businesses to truly understand the voice of their customers by decoding sentiment, effort, intent, and emotion from actual conversations, not just post-interaction surveys,” says Chief Technology and Product Office, Sandeep Garg.


Humach releases mAI Pilot

Humach has announced the launch if mAI Pilot, an AI converstional intelligence platform that aims to improve customer experience with digital agents and digital assist technology for live agents. The platform uses Custom Language Models (CLMs) for each enterprise to ensure responses to customer questions are relevant to that specific customer’s account and recent activity as well as information specific to the enterprise’s domain expertise. It also features security compliance with HIPPA, GDPR, PCI, SOC, and HITRUST.


MicroStrategy releases updates to MicroStrategy ONE

MicroStrategy announced new updates to their MicroStrategy ONE platform with capabilities in layering AI insights in applications within no-code environments. This new update building on HyperIntelligence, a feature of MicroStatefy ONE that uses contextual BI. HyperIntelligence will now pair AI and BI capabilities for workers to overlay it with any application.

Our ambition, within data and analytics, is to deliver seamless access to relevant information to our business users; and that's what the MicroStrategy ONE AI-powered HyperIntelligence capability does. The platform integrates actionable information into the daily routines of our deal and investment teams, without requiring them to access back-end transactional systems," said Aidan Millar, Senior Director of Data & Advanced Analytics at Mubadala Investment Company.


Glassbox launches Global Partner Network

Glassbox has launched its Glassbox Partner Network (GPN), a global network that united technology and service providers that aim at helping organizations with customer experience. This network includes Adobe, Microsoft, AWS, Optimizely, Kameleoon, Blue Triangle, Ness Technologies, Eviden, NTT Data, Fairplay, Digital Monk, and ATON.