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Meet the Modern Contact Center for Travel and Hospitality


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Now more than ever, travel and hospitality companies want a reliable, agile, and flexible contact center solution that provides exceptional customer service and reduces costs. Built on the same technology that powers customer service for, Amazon Connect is the backbone of the modern contact center for travel and hospitality.
Travel and hospitality companies are all about personalized engagement with their customers, either travelers or guests. Without these customers, there wouldn’t be a travel and hospitality industry. The contact center is an important channel for travel and hospitality companies to engage with their customers because it demonstrates the core values of the company.
Behind successful contact center engagement is an integrated system that can connect the dots in a fast and empowering way by accessing the correct data at the right time and understanding and predicting the next actions across the engagement model.
With this in mind, we thought about what a modern contact center for travel and hospitality, centered around Amazon Connect, would look like. With over 70,000 agents, Amazon built its own contact center solution because it couldn’t find a service that fit its needs and ended up creating a best-in-class service that’s transforming the industry. This underlying technology has revolutionized contact centers for thousands of other companies, and can now be leveraged to transform the customer service experience for travel and hospitality companies.
The adoption of a modern contact center built on Amazon Connect has been growing in travel and hospitality. Click here to discover more.
Priceline, for example, quickly migrated 1,600 agents to Amazon Connect in days, and also handled a 300% increase in call volume due to COVID-related calls, set up queued customer call-backs, and seamlessly reduced wait times.
Best Western Hotels and Resorts reduced its telecom expenses by over 40% and positioned Amazon Connect as the cornerstone of its digital transformation designed to delight guests.
And, you don't have to be an industry giant to leverage this technology. During COVID-19, Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant — a single Mexican restaurant in Texas — needed an automated system to track orders and support the restaurant during an unprecedented increase in customer calls. Amazon Connect enabled Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant to pivot its business overnight from in-room dining to takeaway service.
A final example is Subway, which had its first contact flow with Amazon Connect up and running in two hours. It has since improved operational efficiency and dramatically increased its customer satisfaction (CSAT) score.
Regardless of your line of business, if you have one or tens of thousands of agents, like these travel and hospitality companies and many others a modern contact center can help you provide superior customer service at a lower cost.
During a difficult time, it’s been inspiring watching travel and hospitality companies leverage Amazon Connect to create a modern contact center for travel and hospitality, and we look forward to seeing this technology help improve the way people fly, stay, eat, and experience our world in the years to come.