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Invoca Implements Conversational AI for Healthcare Providers

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Shortly after presenting its AI-powered conversational intelligence platform to judges at Enterprise Connect’s Innovation Showcase in March, Invoca launched a no-code integration library with new Google Analytics 4, Meta Conversions API, and Slack integrations. The company also recently announced Multi-Location CX, a centralized platform that helps customer experience, sales, and operations leaders increase appointments and revenue from calls.
Invoca CEO Gregg Johnson recently caught up with No Jitter to discuss those product launches in detail, and how the company’s conversational intelligence solution strives to alleviate staffing shortages, improve contact center efficiency, and increase appointment conversion rates. Johnson also discussed how Invoca’s no-code integration library closes the loop between different systems.
Responses have been edited for conciseness and clarity.
At Enterprise Connect, you shared how customer conversations are opportunities for a brand to differentiate and build deeper relationships with customers. How does this work?
GJ: Consumers are doing more and more of their research online. But when they reach out to the brand over the phone with a question, it's a moment of truth. The brand will make or break a buyer relationship, depending on how they respond.
When an agent can see the data about the actions taken by the consumer before the call, it will give them the context to better serve the consumer. Were they interested in a particular product or service? Did they spend a lot of time on the pricing page? Did they respond to a particular marketing campaign or offer? Connecting the digital journey with the caller allows the agent to better serve the consumer and secure the ongoing relationship.
Invoca recently announced conversation intelligence solution that is meant to help healthcare organizations to increase patient acquisition, improve access to care, and provide superior patient-first experiences. Can you describe how the solution works?
GJ: Healthcare organizations can quickly improve their online appointment-scheduling rates by understanding when and why patients reach out by phone. Using this data, digital teams can improve the online digital experience to increase online appointment scheduling, which lightens their staffer workloads. It's as easy as identifying the digital leakage points and determining that "yes, this is a time when we want the patient to call" or "no, we need to improve the digital experience to get them to make their appointment online."
Patients everywhere agree that one of the most frustrating parts of the call experience is getting transferred around during their call. According to Invoca's Buyer Experience Benchmark Report, 79% of patients say they get rerouted at least once when calling a healthcare provider. A second study conducted by Forrester Consulting found that 90% fewer calls are transferred away from sales departments if healthcare organizations have a conversation intelligence solution like Invoca in place. Healthcare organizations use Invoca’s intelligent call routing to route calls based on a patient's digital intent, thus, reducing hold times, average call-handling times, and the dreaded call transfer.
Using Invoca's connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, healthcare organizations can also swap out the generic contact center phone number from each email campaign with the provider's phone number the patient most recently visited. Therefore, rather than going to a call center handling hundreds of thousands of calls, the patient is immediately directed to their preferred provider. Utilizing the Salesforce and Invoca integration, University Hospitals cut their average call duration by 50% and increased patient appointments by 580%.
Invoca launched a no-code integration library with new Google Analytics 4, Meta Conversions API, and Slack integrations. How does this integration close the loop between different systems and deliver a 360-degree perspective of the customer journey?
GJ: One of the guiding principles in our strategy is democratizing access to conversation intelligence. Today, many natural language processing and AI tools are designed and built for power users steeped in data science and analytics.
We’ve built Invoca to bring structure to inherently unstructured data. Our no-code integrations provide easy-to-use wizards and out-of-the-box algorithms that empower anyone within the organization—from quality assurance analysts to marketing specialists—to benefit from the power of conversation data and insight.
Invoca’s no-code integrations extend our over-archiving philosophy of efficiency and optimization. By making it easy to set up new integrations, within only a few clicks, our customers can quickly get their data flowing; no more waiting for a developer team or professional services.
What is one of the challenges you’re most excited to keep addressing at Invoca? Why this particular challenge?
GJ: One of the challenges that I'm most excited to continue addressing is keeping the momentum up in the rapidly expanding conversation intelligence space. With so much market growth and change lately, we're always looking for new ways to empower our customers and give them a competitive advantage. In November, we were thrilled when Forrester named us a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Conversation Intelligence: Sales And Marketing, Q4 2021, noting that we were "one of the few established conversation intelligence vendors that can legitimately claim AI capabilities."
In business-to-consumer industries that involve high-consideration purchases, service delivered by human agents drives positive customer outcomes. We're inspired to help our customers pull critical insights from their customer conversations so they can enhance the human element of providing a positive customer experience. For example, Invoca customers who embrace a positive culture of agent-coaching increase overall efficiencies and customer satisfaction, resulting in higher conversion rates.
Blue Sky Time: What’s next on Invoca’s product innovation roadmap?

GJ: At Invoca, our core values—figure it out, continuous improvement, light the customer’s way, and helping each other thrive—fuel how we work and innovate. In 2021, we doubled the size of our research and development investment and now invest $20 million per year to accelerate our product innovation.

We recently launched Invoca for Multi-Location CX, a new solution that provides customer experience, sales, and operations leaders with a centralized platform to help their locations increase appointments and revenue from calls.
We also continue to invest in Invoca Academy, a comprehensive training program designed to close the educational gap in applied conversation intelligence.