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Ensuring Call Quality, the Genesys Way

Genesys doesn’t just consider itself a CCaaS provider, but rather is now pivoting with a goal of becoming an “experience-as-a-service” provider, as shared by Herbert Shades, senior director of Telco Commercial Management at Genesys. “Our goal is to help our customers reach their customers with new and powerful experiences,” he said.
Adopting this fresh customer experience-focused perspective isn’t just a change of semantics. Rather, it has enabled the company to laser focus on the pains their users face in personalizing customer interactions and identify the best solutions and partners to overcome them. “We don’t talk about problems at Genesys. Instead we see opportunities to better help our customers reach their end users,” Shades says.
To achieve this goal, the Genesys Cloud platform must provide companies and their customers with high-quality local voice interactions precisely wherever and whenever they need them. That means Shades and his team ultimately need to work with network partners possessing best-of-breed reach, quality, availability, and support.
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