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Deliver Frictionless CX for Today’s On-the-Go Consumers


Image: NICE
To imagine truly “friction-free” customer experiences (CX), think about the delight and awe we have while watching athletes perform amazing feats, defying gravity, and breaking new records for speed and precision. They make it look effortless.
Now, imagine speed and precision when it comes to getting customer service answers. Unfortunately, most customer experiences today have many sticking points—and even complete mishaps create frustration and damage brand loyalty. Companies have been focusing on customer service and customer satisfaction for many years yet a growing gap still exists between what today’s busy, on-the-go consumers expect and what businesses can deliver because of three major challenges.
First, digital channels are multiplying exponentially with many managed by teams outside of the traditional contact center and therefore are not optimized for customer service interactions. Next, disconnected systems make it difficult for customers to effortlessly move between channels or get the personalized answers they yearn for. And finally, the job of a contact center agent has gotten harder with increasing call volumes and as the interactions, they handle become more complex—especially when customers are already frustrated because they can’t find answers via self-service.
Delivering frictionless experiences requires a bold, new approach with built-in intelligence to make experiences flow, focusing on the customer wherever their journey begins. Our vision, Customer Experience Interactions (CXi) provides a comprehensive framework that can transform how brands engage and interact with customers. CXi is the next leap forward in customer experience by intelligently meeting customers wherever their journey begins, enabling resolution through data-driven self-service, and empowering agents to successfully resolve any needs event.
Smart self-service resolution
Online search is one of the biggest game-changers of the last 10 years and the volume of self-service interactions is surging. Customers don’t always want to speak to an agent, nor are agents always available 24x7. Smart self-service that results in faster resolution is a major opportunity for building customer loyalty and reducing service costs. To make self-service smarter, you’ll want to look at the following six approaches:
  1. Offer the right self-service answers at the right time with knowledge management that’s always up-to-date and written in the voice of the customer
  2. Optimize responsive mobile content to contain experience in the device where a customer engages
  3. Understand customer context—where they’re coming from and what their specific need or intent is—and then offer recommendations for where they’ll need to go next
  4. Hyper-personalize experiences with only the most relevant content based on customer intents
  5. Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to build conversational self-service and virtual agents faster using AI insights from all interactions
  6. Identify when self-service has reached its limit and elevate automatically to the best agent match and path of resolution
Empower contact center agents
Agents are increasingly challenged by more complex work and performance demands. As self-service handles the simpler interactions, agents are dealing with more complex customer needs. In addition, they are handling more channels and navigating more systems while dealing with increasingly demanding customers. Contact center attrition is at an all-time high with almost a third of agents actively looking for a new job at any given time. Employee engagement is essential now more than ever to improve retention and to increase satisfaction for both agents and the customers they serve. Agent frustration with outdated, hard to use systems can be a factor. To empower agents to be successful, take a look at these four factors:
  1. Provide a true omnichannel desktop that unifies digital channels and provides immediate access to customer data, interaction history, and customer sentiment.
  2. Leverage AI acting on customer interaction data to empower agents by matching them to the right customers instantly based on personality, need, or other key factors.
  3. Utilize AI-powered agent assistance for in-the-moment coaching by detecting customer sentiment and agent responses, alerting the agent with suggestions to apply specific soft skills that will increase customer satisfaction and speed up resolution.
  4. Guide agents with knowledge articles that are specific to the customer’s questions and situation to empower the agent to provide answers and speed resolution.
Today’s customer journeys are as unique as every individual. To make those journeys frictionless, help customers find exactly what they’re looking for, where, and when they’re looking for it. Make self-service smarter and more satisfying with knowledge management and conversational AI that works. Be proactive and personalized by anticipating customer needs and guiding customers to answers at exactly the right time. Empower your agents with real-time, on-time help for personalized interactions that satisfy both them and your customers.
Speed, precision, and digital-first customer journeys are essential ingredients for building truly frictionless superior experiences. NICE CXi is the new standard that can get you there. Find out more about NICE CXi, here.