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ClassPass and Dialpad Connecting Employees Globally Is No Sweat


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When members of ClassPass, a service that provides access to all things fitness-related, want to get a workout in, they can go to any associated gym or studio, all over the world—perfect for frequent travelers or people who like to switch it up. But this presents one complication for ClassPass itself: How does it reach customers and studios in each of the countries where its service is available?
Adding contact centers and phone numbers in multiple countries is a painful and time-consuming process for most businesses. Randy Tanenhaus, IT manager, ClassPass, was especially concerned. After all, he was one-half of a two-person IT team supporting around 400 employees, and his responsibilities included everything from managing physical equipment to remote troubleshooting.
Throw in a global pandemic moving everyone to a work-from-home environment, and most businesses would be in a tight spot. Could ClassPass’ communications platform connect support teams around the world and let everyone work remotely? The answer is yes, with Dialpad.
Dialing Without Borders
ClassPass is constantly expanding to more countries, and with every expansion, it needs new phone numbers and contact centers. With Dialpad, getting set up is a cinch. “The biggest driver was the sheer list of countries—the fact that we could expand where we were going to expand, and Dialpad basically had it all,” Tanenhaus said.
Even adding new numbers within the U.S. is a far easier process than it ever was before. Tanenhaus noted, “You type in the area code, and there’s always a list. I’ve never not been able to get one, and then it’s attached to a phone and done. It’s just super quick to provision a phone.”
No More Hardware Hassles
Before implementing Dialpad, setting up new phones and numbers were—to quote Tanenhaus—“a big pain in the rump.” And it’s easy to see why. Ordering physical phones is a ridiculous hassle.
It’s easy to imagine how relieved the staff at ClassPass felt when they found out how Dialpad can work across devices. There’s no more need for physical phones, and employees can use their business numbers on their mobile phones, on the computer app, or any web browser.
“Now that it’s all softphone-based, it’s five minutes and done to set up a new hire, grab a number, and go… To set up new offices, within a week, we’re good to go for a whole brand new location,” Tanenhaus exclaimed.
Sell From Home, the Office, or... Anywhere, Really
ClassPass’ sales team had a recurring issue when setting up a videoconference with a studio, only to find out that they were using incompatible devices or browsers. Tanenhaus described Dialpad Meetings as being the solution for that, thanks to browser-agnostic, platform-agnostic video, he said.
The sales team also made use of Dialpad’s Salesforce integration. ClassPass already used Salesforce, while Dialpad makes all the customer information available when they’re on the call. From the moment Tanenhaus discovered Dialpad, he knew it was the right solution for all of ClassPass’ needs. “All the features hit what we need and more.”
We’re excited to see Tanenhaus, and his team get back to Class! Visit Dialpad’s website for more information.