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AI the Hottest CCaaS Trend for 2022: Here’s Why

According to science fiction films, artificial intelligence (AI) should be running the world by now. Blade Runner, for example, set in 2019, features replicants so close to humans you need a test to tell them apart. (Have you ever tried giving chatbots the Voight-Kampff test to determine whether or not it’s a replicant? Try it!) We should’ve introduced Terminator’s Skynet and HAL 9000 (both fictional AI characters) of 2001: A Space Odyssey to the Internet in the ‘90s.
Reality didn’t turn out as science fiction predicted—and AI, well, it has taken a different form. It’s become such an integral part of how we work that AI is the biggest trend for contact centers in 2022. But why?
What value can AI bring to contact centers?
“Wait a second,” you might ask. “We have artificial intelligence, and we’re using it in contact centers? Where’s the value?”
Many applications exist for AI in contact centers. Some examples include:
  • Call transcription
  • Providing contextual information to agents
  • Sentiment analysis
Imagine this: You call a contact center, where a voice menu asks what help you require. You answer, “I’m having account issues.” AI then picks up the relevant words and routes your call to, let’s call him Jerry, who specializes in account issues.
When you reach Jerry, his screen already has information about you, including previous times you’ve called and contextual data that can help arrive at a resolution. While talking to Jerry, you have a few questions about other things. The AI can detect those phrases, instantly provide Jerry with relevant information.
During the call, the AI can use sentiment analysis to detect your feelings and give Jerry tips to ensure you’re getting the answers you need.
When the call concludes, Jerry and his supervisors review the transcript, which the AI transcribed in real-time. It even highlights how often competitors get mentioned for future training purposes. AI was present every step of the way to improve the contact center experience for everyone.
How Dialpad uses AI
None of this is theoretical—it’s how the Dialpad team uses AI in our contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution.
Dialpad’s voice-based AI, voice intelligence (Vi), is a central part of Dialpad Contact Center. It provides real-time coaching for agents via Real-Time Assist (RTA) cards (see image below) while transcribing the conversation—in real-time. At the end of every call, Vi sends a prepared summary to all the attendees:

Dialpad Contact Center transcribes conversations in real-time.

AI in CCaaS for 2022…and beyond
What’s next? In 2022, we can look forward to seeing more informed and empowered agents and a better experience for customers calling into contact centers.
Why aren't you using AI in your contact center if you have one? The technology is already there, and it will only improve. Now’s the time to get on board and see what AI can bring to CCaaS. Are you worried about setup time? Don’t be. Sign up for our weekly live demo to see how you can set up a contact center in just two minutes.