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Cloud Mechanics

In today's No Jitter podcast, the second in an ongoing series focusing on intellectual property and the cloud, Guy Clinch explains the technical basics of Web services and how the cloud changes the ways that technologies interact. Guy takes us through a basic description of how the Web allows innovators to escape many of the factors that have previously inhibited many development projects.


In the past, barriers were high for the "intellectual property owner to both develop effective APIs and to make them available to external parties who wish to take advantage of them," Guy says. "On the external developers' side," he continues, "significant resources were often required to access, interpret and utilize the exposed resources." Cost and other factors limited the numbers of companies able to participate in multiple-party innovation, as well as the number of potential accomplishments.

In the podcast, Guy explains the basics of the cloud and how Web services have evolved from the early ideas of the World Wide Web. Guy uses the example of the Internet browser to help listeners relate their common experiences to the concepts used by developers. As an example of how innovators are embracing this trend, he points to developments enabled via the Avaya Engagement Development Platform and Cisco Finesse, as discussed by company insiders.

Listen to the podcast to hear all of the insights on this topic, and stop back in for future installments of Guy's cloud series on No Jitter. In upcoming episodes, Guy will continue his exploration of cloud-based innovation, talking frankly about hurdles still to be overcome and highlighting more examples of companies blazing this path. Next up, Guy interviews Fred Logue, founder of New Morning IP, who will tell how cloud is changing the rules for intellectual property owners and developers

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