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Pexip Offers Private Cloud Video Option


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Pexip today launched a private cloud deployment option for its video conferencing platform, particularly suitable for enterprises that want greater control over security, compliance, and management than they can get from a public cloud video service.
With this new Pexip Private Cloud option, an enterprise gets dedicated instances of the video solution, which means they have full data ownership, can dictate in which region or regions around the world they deploy the service, and manage the video conferencing while Pexip maintains call capacity in a “secure and private, customer-dedicated instance,” Pexip said. In addition, they can scale on demand via Pexip’s Smart Scale, Pexip said.
The private cloud option rounds out Pexip’s deployment options, which also include self-hosted — on premises or in the cloud — and delivery in the SaaS model. This option addresses the data residency and privacy requirements for enterprises in finance, healthcare, and government verticals, Pexip said.
This announcement can be an important one for enterprises that haven’t yet embraced cloud services because of specific data/security requirements, said Irwin Lazar, VP and service director at Nemertes Research. In its “2020-21 Visual Communications and Collaboration” study, Nemertes found that 39% of 525 companies still run their own video meeting platform, of which 38.3% are planning to move to SaaS and 19.1% are still evaluating, he added.
Most of these enterprises are either using Microsoft Skype for Business or Cisco Meeting Server, which haven’t been tentpoles for their respectful vendors, Lazar said. Also, Jitsi offers an open-source platform that can be used for self-hosting video meetings. With Pexip, which allows them to self-host or take advantage of a private cloud offering, they get another alternative.