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Grow Your Business with Cloud-Provisioned Phone Numbers

Whether for digital services or goods, customers prefer to speak to a friendly voice to resolve their queries. And employees, even those working remotely, need to be able to speak and collaborate seamlessly with their colleagues. Digital business communications platforms need to account for these requirements as they grow and expand globally.


Cloud-based business communications services are one of the best ways to address these needs, reducing total cost of ownership while providing the flexibility to scale as required. Cloud numbers -- national, local, and toll-free -- are the building blocks of cloud-based business communications services, offering flexibility and simplification to business communications. Cloud numbers can be scaled up as and when needed based on business expansion, no need to invest in local licenses, physical cabling, and local infrastructure. They allow enterprises expanding to new geographies to serve their customer and employee needs for seamless external and internal communications and collaboration.

Numbers offering local access and toll-free calling have various business use cases, ranging from customer pre/post-sales support and conferencing bridges for intra/intercompany collaboration among stakeholders. Local numbers supporting SIP trunking capabilities with two-way voice and emergency calling are the means to enable voice services for any UCaaS platform rendering enhanced collaboration and productivity.

Cloud numbers can also help secure users' mobile identities and privacy while using digital services. Using cloud numbers, applications can allocate dynamic numbers to serve as a user's local identity within the application. When the user ends the transaction, the number is dissolved and no longer associated with it. This is particularly useful for ride-sharing or other sharing-economy platforms that often require participants to contact each other. Disposable, one-time cloud numbers that are only valid for the duration of the transaction allow platform users to contact one another while preserving privacy and anonymity.

Traditional communications services aren't designed for today's digital economy, posing significant challenges for maintenance, scalability, and upgrades. Cloud-based communications services offer a better alternativefor collaboration, information sharing, and users in multiple locations with access from multiple devices.

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