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Cisco vs. Microsoft: Placing Your Strategic Bets

For many organizations, the decision about whether to deploy Microsoft Lync or Cisco Unified Communications and Jabber is a challenging one. Both companies have delivered strong product offerings with a range of features. With strong political camps often backing each option and the complexity of deciding, many organizations are at a standstill. And even when a decision is recommended, it is often challenged as subjective and biased. Analysis shows 25 to 45% of enterprises are facing this decision today.

At Enterprise Connect 2013, a session focused to this topic was the most popular non-plenary session at the event. This year, there will be a three-hour workshop on Tuesday at 2:30 PM focused on helping you understand the product comparisons, TCO, organizational impact, and other key points in making the best decision for your organization. I will open the session with a product comparison that will overview and compare the product offerings, how the products can apply in different organizations, and also provide an analysis tool developed to help organizations decide (the tool will be available to all attendees).

Next, J. R. Simmons and Brent Kelly will review issues surrounding the licensing and TCO considerations in this decision process. Robin Gareiss will discuss what she and her team have learned about the organizational impacts of this vendor choice as well as how to manage the relationships between the different teams within your enterprise (i.e., those that may be more Cisco-oriented vs. those more Microsoft-oriented). Finally, Brent Kelly will look at the roadmaps for both companies and how they can best align with your business and strategic directions.

For any organization grappling with making this difficult decision, this session will give you valuable knowledge and tools to facilitate an analysis and decision process. You will understand the key points of difference between the offers to make an informed decision. If you're attending Enterprise Connect Orlando, make this a must attend session.